Tuesday, June 03, 2008

weekend up north

We had the best weekend up north with our dear friends Marshall & Cathy and Terry & Nancy. Here we are hiking around Lynx Lake near Prescott. What a welcome relief to get out of the heat and enjoy the cool weather with friends. And it was just what we needed to get us inspired to start exercising. We hiked as a group on Saturday and then Randy & I got up early for a walk on Sunday morning. Then we hiked South Mountain here in Phoenix Monday morning (2 miles) and again this morning. What's up with that! Well, it's called "over 50 and out of shape"! We have no choice. I am already feeling sooo much better about myself. Last night Randy grilled salmon and grilled vegetables. So healthy good. Sure pray I stick to our plans to get healthy and fit.
Randy & I are taking this week off... working on some home projects. A doggy door cut through our kitchen block wall, hanging our new arcadia doors (that we've had for two years), cleaning out the garage, reorganizing the guest room (which we now call Emolyn's room) and various landscaping projects. Fun stuff. I'll keep you posted.


NanAZ said...

It was a great time! We loved hanging out with you guys and getting to know Marshall & Cathy better.

Sounds like a busy week. Be sure to take a little time to relax too.

Sandy said...

Yay for fun times with friends!

Sandy said...

Yay for fun times with friends!

Jan said...

You all look so happy in your picture! It's so nice to get away from the heat! Don't come up this way to escape it cause, while it isn't as hot as Phoenix, we're still having some killer heat up here. But then tomorrow the high is only supposed to be 79! Crazy weather!!
It sounds like you two are going to be really busy working around the house! Have fun!


Niesz Vintage Home said...

What a beautiful area to hike.
I wish I could get motivated to exercise more. (I'm in the 'over 40 and out of shape' category)

Enjoy your week off. I hope you get all your projects done.

Kimberly :)