Saturday, June 28, 2008

who knew...

You know how much I love a good deal. Well, I just had to share my latest.
Our 19 year old son Tyler is uninsured. So when it became apparent that he needed to have his left ear checked, I didn't quite know what to do.... Urgent Care or our family Doctor. After making a few phone calls, I found out that it would be about the same for either one, if you pay cash. So I chose our Doctor. Good call.
A week ago today, while Tyler was in San Diego as a counselor for our H.S. church camp, a huge wave slammed against his ear and he hasn't been able to hear out of that ear since. Well, the Dr. and his assistant worked on his ear for over an hour, removing tons of wax from his ear, finally revealing a real bad infection. And when I say tons of wax, I mean wax the size of tiny pebbles, and just as rock hard! Tyler has the cell phone pics as proof! Rather gross.
But here is where the smokin deal comes in. I leave the Dr. office with two prescriptions. I've never had to comparison shop for prescriptions before. I mean, you drop off your prescription, you pick it up, you pay your co-pay.
So, first stop, Walgreens. I am quoted $80.00. I can't remember if that even included the $20.00 for the discount uninsured card so I could get this 'deal'. I ask the gal if it pays for me to drive around and see if I could get a better deal. She whispers under her breath, "Costco". So I'm off to Costco and get this... $45.00 out the door! Ya, baby! A smokin deal or what! I love Costco!
So, after a couple of days of antibiotic, Tyler is off for another two weeks of church camp. He can hear. All is well. Thank you God!

So, our plans while Tyler is gone is to work on our back yard. I know, in 110 degree heat? Yes.
We are planning to take down the white picket fence and remove all that's growing inside the fence and put down pea gravel for a cute little seating area. And you see that tree in the middle? That will stay. It started growing from a seed that blew in our back yard a couple years ago. I love it. It couldn't have landed in a better spot. Provides the perfect shade for our granddaughter when she comes over to play.
Hope your weekend is cooler than ours.


Cindy said...

Just FYI, Target and Walmart have $4 prescriptions for quite a few meds. My vet sent me to Walmart to get my dog's medicine because it was cheaper than they could sell it.

kristen said...

have fun in the heat!! I am staying in today. yeah ear wax might be a little gross for some but the thought of the doctor pulling all that out made me wish I was there doing it...okay maybe a little too much info about me but I love that kind of stuff!

Jan said...

When my daughter was uninsured and in need of several prescriptions due to lung issues, I made alot of phone calls to compare. This was about a year ago, but I remember Walmart being the highest at approximately $800! We ended up going to a locally owned pharmacy and saving about $300! It pays to shop around.
So happy your son's ear is all better and he's hearing now!
Take care!


Karol said...

I just love your blog and thought I should tell you! I've been checking in even before I had a blog to see your sweet grandbaby grow... she's so adorable!

Natasha said...

Ear pain is so terrible- poor guy- oh but what has it come to when we have to shop around for meds...our health should be easier!

Good luck on the backyard it looks innocently cool- 110 wow.

Mosaic*Queen said...

Hi Linda!
so nice to hear from you!
I look forward to seeing your new backyard re-do :-)
see ya later!



NanAZ said...

I can't believe how big that tree is getting. Have you figured out what kind it is yet?

Hey just so you know, I'm going to have another book give-away soon and it's a good one, so keep an eye on my blog.

Miranda said...

So glad everything worked out! I bet your son feels so much better. I've heard that Costco and Sams Club have exceptional prescription prices.

Thanks so much for stopping by Life On Hackberry Road and how cool that your daughter is a Miranda, too!

I love your unique decorating ideas... the buttons in the bowl and the rick rack in the wire basket.