Friday, July 11, 2008

Memories of Wisconsin (Part 2)

- my kids watching the vet surgically repair a cow's twisted stomach (with 4 stomachs, I can see how that could happen)
- trips along the Mississippi River with my brother Gary... ice cream in Nelsen, cheese factories, the locks, the barges
- Rock in the House near Alma (check it out here)
- cheese curds (or squeaky cheese)
- catching lightning bugs (or fireflies)
- humidity... only because I like what it does to my hair and skin
- my kids watching a vet artificially inseminate a cow and then having to tell them the facts of life because of all their questions
- baling hay and picking corn
- over 50 kittens on the farm at any given trip
- the Pound Puppy sheets on the bunk beds in my Mom's basement (a favorite memory of my kids)
- the kids riding their bikes in the rain
- lots of WEATHER... thunder, lightning, rain, tornados, flooding
- my Mom's amazing garden... rhubarb, strawberries, beans, sweet corn, etc
- the Root Beer stand in Whitehall
- the kids watching a calf being born
- visiting Noel's final resting place (he's forever missed)
- Door County trips
- Shawn contracting Lymes disease at 9 years old (he's treated and recovers)
- yard sales, rummage sales, thrift stores, flea markets GALORE!
- Memorial Park in Arcadia
- the Jackson County Fair in Black River Falls (for the best carmel popcorn ever- hot carmel poured over fresh popcorn) mmm, I want some!
- the 4th of July parade in Hixton
- picnic & swimming in Hatfield
- shopping at Kohl's and Super Target in Eau Claire long before they ever came to Phoenix
- Bargain Bill's near Rice Lake with Ginny
- my Mom & Dad's basement. OK, basements in general. I want one!
- Ginny & Dave's cottage... paddle boat, canoeing, fishing and shooting off fireworks
- Swedish meatball mix from the Pigeon Meat Locker
- renting the Jacobson farm- buying eggs from the Amish
- my niece Kristen getting engaged to Joe in the cornfield
- my Dad's beautiful, prized flowers
- the Norske Nook in Osseo (check out the best pies here!)
- Ron & Deb's gorgeous cabin, built by the Amish
- the Strawberry Festival in Alma Center
- Duck Island and Rib Mountain in Wausau
- Hyde Park in Appleton with Gary's family
- my parents 45th and 50th Anniversary celebrations
- sewing and crafting with my sister Ginny
- the craft and antique stores in Augusta
- bidding against myself at farm auctions
- John Deere tractor rides with Grandpa
- Randy mowing acres of lawn (thank God for riding lawn mowers)
- Uncle Gary demonstrating the fine art of roasting marshmellows, using a garden rake
- Miranda breaking her arm while riding a four-wheeler
- Shawn needing stitches an hour later, after plowing into a swing set while dirt biking
- Tyler not having to go to the ER that day
- spending hours looking through all the old LOOK and LIFE magazines in the basement
- Randy making it a tradition to climb the 90 foot Harvestor silo before we leave
- Kids playing "31" with Grandpa & Grandma
- doing tons of concerts throughout Wisconsin
- Kids playing with their cousins in the hay mow and the corn cribs
- Chatty Belle- the world's largest talking cow in Neillsville (check it out for yourself here)
- bonfires at the mobile home
- my Mom's fresh baked pies after every meal
- riding the Ducks in Wisconsin Dells (more info here)
- touring Laura Ingalls modest birthplace near Pepin
- the laughing waitress at the Alma Hotel
- Miranda and cousin Erica's apple stand (apples they shouldn't have picked)
- the great flood of '93
- watching the BULLS beat the SUNS in '93 (dang that Paxson- watching this YouTube video still makes me sick)
- and making many more memories

The family photo was taken in 1990.


Nicole T said...

Look how sour Miranda looks in that picture! Well I sure enjoyed my trip to Wisconsin. Im sorry the boys are going alone, I think we should all go!

domestic bliss said...

Hi there!
I found you through Curious Sofa and was excited to see that you mentioned us- Have you been in yet?
You will definitely have to pop in and meet Heather on her next meet and greet! She is an amazing girl- Have you seen her new scrapbooking things? I really wanted to get them- but I don't want to conflict with the local scrapbooking shop! Mystic Paper has her stuff now and it is SCRUMPTIOUS!!!
Hope you will stop in sometime and check us out!
Thanks again!

Debbie Kay said...


Those happy memories of your life made me smile. I only wish I had a fraction of what you have. God is so good isn't He?

Lots of love,

Debbie Kay

Nancy Peacock said...

This makes me want to take a trip to Wisconsin!
Your kids are so blessed to have had such great experiences planted in their memory banks.

kristen said...

What a fun list! aww the carmel popcorn, Noel's gorgeous resting place!, sorry miranda (I was driving the four wheeler), so many memories.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Oh what lovely family memories!!