Monday, July 21, 2008

on pins & needles

I recently found these vintage pin cushions for a quarter each. I love the look of these. In fact, I grew up using one very similar to these. But totally impractical. How many of you would PAINStakingly search for lost needles and invariably find one the hard way? Ya, me too. Whoever thought these would make handy pin cushions didn't store their needles in them. SO I will not be sticking my needles in these either... just my fancy sewing pins.

And speaking of needles, have you discovered the The Needle Nest yet? Talk about handy! The perfect container in which to store your favorite needles. Thanks Ginny! I immediately went to Michael's and bought one.


Angie in AZ said...

These are so cute! And would be pretty quick to make. And I'm with you over the needle nest. I have one too! I purchased it when buying stuff to attend a class. It looked great for traveling... and it is! Love it. I also have a magnetic pin dish and this is one of my most favorite things.

leslieanne said...

I love the magnetized ones that catch even some of the ones I drop. Great for a clumzy girl like me!

kristen said...

I love those pin cushions but you are so right about losing the needles or they go through the other side and then you poke yourself picking it up. (Mom has one)