Saturday, July 05, 2008

A real FUN 4th!

What could be better than a road trip... with dear friends... in the mountains... to see our son Tyler... on the 4th of July? A THUNDERSTORM!! YES! THUNDER! LIGHTNING! RAIN! I was one happy camper.

First stop, the Bee Line cafe in Payson. A favorite of the Lynch's. And now ours. So quaint. So yummy. I satisfied my longing for rhubarb pie. I can now go on with my life.

During a little photo op (seen above), the owner comes out of the cafe to make sure we didn't leave smudges on his prized possession. He was kidding. I think.

We were excited to visit with Tyler for a few hours at Mountain Meadows. He's having a great time! We're so proud of him. But, he's like the only one in camp that has not gotten any mail. I know, bad Mom. So Miranda and I hope to remedy that this week.

Amy was pretty excited about visiting her sister Carly at camp. You see Amy had just gotten engaged, so she surprised Carly with a visit. After tears and hugs, I captured this image of the two of them and the lovely 'sparkle' in the middle! Congrats Amy & Danny!

Would you believe this is our Youth Pastor? I didn't think so.
Jason is so awesome! As we drove into camp, this is how we were greeted. Tyler was in the shower, as he had just been 'creamed' with 4 pies! Too bad we didn't see that!
But, we did see this!! A 5 foot snake that had wandered into camp as parents were picking up their kids. And who do you suppose came to the rescue? Who else! "Oh Bruce, you're so brave and impetuous!" Do you know how many lines from the animated version of "Robin Hood" our family quotes on a daily bases! Too many to count.


Sandy said...

Hi Linda! Looks like fun to me :)

Skerrib said...

Hey is that a gopher snake? I know all about those now. =) Of COURSE Bruce picked it up!

WAY fun trip.

NanAZ said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I think Marshall and Cathy were in Payson this past weekend too.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday...I may bring a few pics from this weekend just for fun. BTW, it's Joe's birthday this week too. I think it's on the 8th.