Monday, July 07, 2008

sweet Emolyn

I am still in awe of our little miracle grandbaby! Emolyn was born 2lbs. 7 oz. and in perfect health. She will be 5 months in two weeks and her personality is emerging as a happy, curious, content little girl. (at around 9 lbs.)

Yesterday Miranda recorded Emolyn on her camera and showed it to Emolyn. I kid you not, Emolyn watched the entire recording of herself! Never took her eyes off the little camera screen. She was actually quite enamored with herself. She was probably thinking "no wonder everyone is going ga-ga over me! I'm cute!"

Oh boy, does she love her Pop-pop! And he adores her to pieces! We all do!

So, our Sunday plans were for Miranda, Nicole and I to scrapbook while Shawn went to an Apple Store meeting and Randy sang at a church. Well, the girls did scrap, but I was a little distracted by a certain someone. It's that cuteness thing again.


david santos said...

Nice, nice and very nice Baby!!!
Happy forever.

kristen said...

AWWW! She is just too cute. The fun begins trying to scrapbook with a fun little baby around! My mom usually ends up quitting too and just playing with the kids!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Linda, thanks for stopping by! So sorry I don't get around like I used to, but things are crazy & I just can't keep up with everyone anymore.

What a sweet grandbaby!


Skerrib said...

Oh. Her face is getting so detailed and expressive! Love it.