Friday, September 12, 2008

gingham craft paper

I snatched up this vintage craft paper at my little thrift store in Phoenix yesterday for 50 cents. It wasn't till I got it home that I noticed the funny verbiage on the packaging. Enlarge the pic if you are unable to read it.

For Making Homely Things Beautiful

Does that strike you as kinda strange? I mean, what is so homely that it needs to be covered in craft paper! I don't know about you, but a mixed nuts can does not appear homely to me... nor a Morton's salt container.
OK, so maybe they didn't think the packaging back then was as charming as we see it to be. Maybe it was big back then for crafters to cover everything. Come to think of it, I do remember that the standard 4-H knitting project was to cover a cardboard oatmeal container with contact paper to exhibit at the local County Fair. And trust me, it was not as easy to do as it sounds.
Anyway, I was quite taken aback by the mere sight of the word homely. When have we ever seen the word homely in packaging? That would so not be appropriate in this day and age.

I will leave you with the cutest tag I have ever seen! I bought this white linen dress at my little thrift store in Tempe a couple weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised at the saying on the tag. You know they didn't have to go to the trouble of attaching such a sweet statement. But they did. And it made me smile.
So, how about you! Have you come across anything of the sort? Oh, do share!


Tricia said...

Hey Homely Friend! LOL
I need your address still. Did you send it yet?

Tricia said...

Oh, sorry,

Tricia said...

Try my "standy-by" email.

Skerrib said...

The containers are rather plain-looking compared to the gingham paper. Did people not have as many cabinets then, because all my homely items fit nicely behind the little doors. =)