Saturday, September 20, 2008

only one more week

A week from today we will be on our way to Wisconsin!! I can hardly focus on anything else. Randy & I just want to hit the road and experience the scenery, the silence, the sweet serenity of just being together.
But for now, let's catch up.
Well, last night was a dream come true! We went and had dance lessons!
The sweetest, most lovely couple in our church hosted a fund-raiser where they taught everyone to dance! I was in my glory! You know how much I love to dance! And get this, Randy really enjoyed it! And he did great! In fact, the next lesson is this Thursday night... the night before we head to CA for a wedding that Randy is performing. I was assuming we would be in the thick of last minute packing but Randy said we're definitely taking the lesson! Sooo happy! Hey, I'll bring my camera so I can post pics.
Anyway, we learned the swing and the rumba. And we caught on real quick and had the most fun! I can't wait to learn more dances!
Yes, we'll be driving to CA for Ben & Helen's wedding. (Randy's nephew) We will then be leaving from CA to WI the next morning and driving through Yosemite National Park. Oh, be still my heart, I will be in heaven!

I received a package in the mail this week from my new blog friend Tricia @ Tricia's Treasures. What a sweetheart! She sooo knows me!
Thank you so much Tricia for the spool angel! I love it so much that I'm taking it all the way to WI with me so I can show my sister! And I am sooo excited to grow my very own Rick Rack Cactus! To think someday mine will be as huge and gorgeous as yours! (Be sure to check out her beloved cactus HERE!) And you know how much I love buttons so thank you for the vintage buttons!

Randy & I spent some time at the Healing Field last weekend. Just so you know, every single flag had a laminated sheet with the name and occupation of every single person that perished that day along with a yellow ribbon. I thought I'd share a couple pics.

But you have got to check out my friend Amy's blog, as she posted pics HERE of a 9/11 Memorial in CA. Her pics are simply breathtaking!


Anonymous said...

So glad you came to visit. Your blog is very sweet, warm, and charming. Let's keep in touch!

Nicole T said...

we will have to get together this week before you leave.

NanAZ said...

I'm so glad the dance lessons went well. I'm sure you two looked great together.

So excited for your trip! I'll be checking your blog as much as possible when we're on the road. Too bad we're not going to be closer. We could meet for lunch or something. Looks like we're only 22 hours apart and my aunt's cottage is just about half way. Do you want to meet there?

Wouldn't that be fun to do some day when we're not all concerned about work schedules? Have an AWESOME time. I'll look forward to swapping pics and stories when we get back.

Erin Merryn said...

Just curious where in Wisconsin you are going? I spend my summers there.

kristen said...

one day Joe and i hope we have a few minutes to take dance lessons too...well its actually a dream of mine but he is so awesome he will glady agree!

Lori said...

Linda, the farm sounds wonderful! Always wish I had one to visit! I am so envious of the wonderful trip you'll have coming out east! Happy travels!! Lori

Liz said...

I didn't even know about the healing field! How cool. I will check it out next year.