Monday, September 08, 2008

the Thompson family slideshow

Saturday we celebrated Mamaw Thompson's birthday by gathering together and watching the old family slides. What a wonderful time of reflecting, remembering and reminiscing. Oh, the memories... and the stories that came flooding back each time an image came up on the screen.

Randy has spent the past four months, since his Dad died, scanning 2475 colored slides that date back to the late 40's. He could only scan them four at a time and then he would photoshop every one of them. It was a labor of love that culminated in the gathering of his family and together reliving the past 60 years.

Here we have handsome brothers Randy and Don with their dear, sweet Mom.
When Don returned from Vietnam 40 years ago, he gave his Mom the flower pin that she is wearing. He also brought back a butterfly pin but they put it away to give her at a later time. Well, Don's wife Carol found that pin last week and after 40 years, gave it to her on Saturday. And what perfect timing! You see, butterflies have always been a source of comfort from the Lord to her, especially after a loved one has passed on. She has seen the passing of two of her five children, her only daughter Patty when she was 18 and and Barry 5 years ago. She was so deeply moved to have gotten this butterfly pin... with this being her first birthday without her husband of 65 years.

I made my signature lemon-cream cheese babycakes (miniature cupcakes) and found the perfect butterfly cupcake liners. Yummy recipe HERE.

The two Emolyn's watching the slideshow together. Baby Emolyn sure loves her Mamaw Emolyn. Oh, and in case I haven't told you before, I have THE best Mom-in-law ever! She is truly one of my dearest friends.

Part way through the slideshow we took a break and shared in a meal we all put together. Pulled-pork sandwiches (Shawn & Nicole), potato salad (Evan & Myra), baked beans (Etna), frog-eyed salad (Don & Carol), corn on the cob (Lyle) and homemade ice cream (Nicole, Randy) and babycakes (Me). Delicious!

And this here little girl made it awfully hard to keep my eyes on the slideshow. I mean, come on! Who can blame me for being a tad bit distracted! It's that cuteness thing again.


AmyKristen said...

I love how Emolyn is staring up at Miranda in the whole group picture at the table. So sweet! What a great family you have, Linda!

kristen said...

What a wonderful day! I too love how Emolyn is looking at Miranda!

NanAZ said...

Great pics and great memories. So when do you watch the 2nd half of the slides?

A Different Era said...

Can you tell this lady from England what frog-eyed salad is please? Sounds erm delightful lol. I love the way Americans bring different parts of the meal together, its not something we usually do here but I used to live in NC and did it there. x

Skerrib said...

That looks & sounds like just about the best day EVER.

You need to come bake with me at my house sometime. Those little cupcakes look SO good.

Tricia said...

Good morning,
I gave you a shout out on my blog. I love your post of your mother-in-law. Have a great day!

ReminisceHeirlooms said...

What a blessing to have you all together! :)

Lori said...

Oh what a wonderful party!! I'd give anything to have so much family and such a gathering, thank you so much for sharing! Your randy is such a prince isn't he! last nite it was in the forties in IN I think my son in Surprise should send his Mom a plane ticket!!! Very SOON!!!!! Lori