Saturday, November 01, 2008

Emolyn's 1st Halloween

Hello. My name is Emolyn and I am a kitty. I don't know why I'm a kitty. But it sure makes my Mommy & Daddy happy that I am a kitty.

My Mommy & Daddy had a party last night. And every time the doorbell rang, someone would run to the door and give out candy when the kids said "trick or treat". I am going to remember that because some day I want to say that and get candy. Everyone seems to love candy. I'm sure I will too.

But I don't think I could love anything more than my Mommy & Daddy! They are the best.

My Aunt Miranda dressed up as Twiggy. I don't know who Twiggy is, but Aunt Miranda was talking funny all night. So Twiggy must talk funny. Aunt Miranda loves to talk with funny accents. Everybody says that when she comes home from England, she will talk funny.

Guess who I just saw? Uncle Tyler! I am always happy to see my Uncle Tyler.

Uncle Tyler is my favorite toy. He makes me laugh a lot.

I was getting kinda warm as a kitty so my Mommy said I was going to be a puppy. I didn't want to be a puppy. I was happy being a kitty. But my Grammy & Pop-pop were so happy that I was a puppy.
(yawn) ~ I'm ~ getting ~ tired ~

It's hard work being a kitty & a puppy ~ good night ~

* Thank you so much Sandi Shipley Photography for taking pictures at the ODF Fall Festival. Your web site is so awesome!! Love your work Sandy! More Fall Festival pics to come!


Nicole T said...

what a good baby she was! Thanks for coming, we had a great time!

Jan said...

She's just a doll! And you costumes were great too!