Wednesday, November 05, 2008

favorite movie meal scenes

This may seem rather odd... but I have a list of movies that I love just because of a particular scene that centers around a meal. Do you know what I'm talking about? A meal scene that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy all over. Like you'd want to be there.

It all started when Alicia posted her "list of ten movies that she watches over and over just because she loves what the inside of the character's house looks like". And that got me thinking. I actually have a list of movies that I watch over and over just because of a particular meal scene. Ya, I know. Weird, but true.
I think it has to do with how I viewed meal times growing up. It was a big deal... 5 o'clock sharp. It was the one time in the day that our whole family came together. I felt loved and cared for when I was being fed... still do. Something happens when a meal is shared that sets the table for intimacy, interaction, vulnerability, warmth and trust. I love that.

But hey, hear me out...

Chocolat- you know the scene, the birthday dinner party, held outside, where Juliette Binoche's character serves everything chocolate... who can forget when she pours chocolate sauce over chicken... I get all emotional just thinking about it.

Twister- my very favorite meal scene. The tornado chasers are sharing an impromptu meal at Helen Hunt's aunt's house... everyone is talking and laughing loudly... the sizzling steak and eggs... the clinking of metal and glass... served on lovely, vintage Fiesta Ware. I am completely mesmerized.

Notting Hill- the scene where they are all gathered around the table and Julia Robert's character is watching everyone eating and interacting... the conversations are candid and intimate. You can feel the love circling that table.

Under The Tuscan Sun- the meals that Diane Lane's character prepares for her workers that are remodeling her villa. You can see it happening. They are becoming a family.

Hook- watching those Lost Boys devouring that lavish, unimaginable "feast" before them is so magical and moving. Makes me cry just thinking of the look on their faces.

So, were you able to recall a favorite movie meal scene after having read my list? Then let me know so I can experience it for myself.
I am sure there are many other meal scenes that I am forgetting too.
So help me out. Thanks!


Debra said...

Loved your list! You named some of my favorite movies. I think "Under the Tuscan Sun" is my favorite of the ones you mentioned.

Any meal scene from "Tortilla Soup" is amazing. It makes me hungry for the food my grandparents and great aunt made when I was growing up. It's a sweet, enjoyable movie, too.

kristen said...

What a fun list! I am drawing a blank on some great ones right now but I love Hook!

Andrew said...

One of my favorites is from The 'Burbs, when Ray Peterson's neighbor Art just strolls in during breakfast and proceeds to just pull random food from the fridge (like an entire chicken or something) and even eats a little bit of dog food. Also when the 3 neighbor couples go for a visit to the strange Klopek's house and there are about 30 candles clumped together in the middle of the table because it would be "romantic for the ladies"
I love that movie
fun idea, you are so cool!

Andrew said...

generally any meal scene in a Muppets movie......they all love each other so much

Zoey said...

Hi Linda,
Just stopping by to catch up on what you have been up to. Emolyn looked so cute in her Halloween costume!

Now that I have read your list, I am thinking of sending DH out to rent a movie. We almost never watch movies, but I am thinking pizza and a movie might just be a great way to spend a Fri. night!

NanAZ said...

Those are great! I can't think of any particular movies right now, but remember the meals on The Waltons with the grandparents and all on that big long table? And the meal scenes on Friends? You're right. These make for lots of interaction and love.

Growing up in our house in Ohio, Sunday dinner was always a biggie. Because we were a family of 8 in a very small house, we didn't all sit at the table at the same time, but often on Sundays we would have a great big meal with beef roast or meatloaf and all the sides. It was probably the meal that cost the most all week and it was fun to gather at the table, even though we all barely fit in the kitchen when the table was pulled out from the wall. (We didn't have a separate dining room.)

Great memories!