Thursday, December 11, 2008

Emolyn's 9 months

Emolyn's 9 month photo shoot by Arizona's one and only Kelsie Pinkerton blew me away! I have watched this slideshow dozens and dozens of times and I am continually amazed at Kelsie's eye for light and color and capturing the essence of her subjects. And yes, it does help that her subjects are as photogenic as Shawn, Nicole and Emolyn. But still.

So turn up the volume, as we present to you the Premier Showing of Emolyn's 9 month Slideshow!!

Don't you just love the song that Kelsie chose for the slideshow! That little ditty has been singing in my head all week long!

Ok, now go ahead and play the slideshow again. I know you want to. It's addicting.
Is it Emolyn's little sack of sugar cuteness?
Or is it that song that is already stuck in your head, so you might as well get all the words right?


Amy T Schubert said...

ridiculously cute.

Skerrib said...

Those might be the cutest pictures ever. They are such a beautiful family!