Friday, December 19, 2008

My Lego Santa Collection

They're here! My Lego Santas are back! Aren't they cute!
I started collecting them back in the late 80's and early 90's. Do you remember standing in the check-out line at Toys R Us and they would have bags of Lego Santas or Snowmen in bins for around a dollar. They would introduce a new one each year and often times I would wait till after Christmas when they were half off. I know! What was I thinking?!

We would put them in our kids stockings each year and they loved putting them together and then I would take them apart and pack them away for the next year.

Well, get this, several years ago they came out with Lego Advent Calendar sets and I was in heaven! Oh my gosh, you mean, my kids would have a Lego set to put together every day leading up to Christmas! How cool is that! And the sets were as cute as can be! One year I got a set at Barnes & Nobles and the other years at Target. I always got them half off... they're kind of pricey. But so worth the money, as they will last forever! I have three sets. And three kids. And well, that's a good thing.

Check out this 2008 LEGO ADVENT CALENDAR available on Amazon. My son works at Target and he thinks they have this set but they may be sold out by now.

A few years ago Mega Bloks came out with Holiday ornament sets. I found them at Target but unfortunately they were no where to be found last year or this year. Have you seen them? I gotta have my yearly Lego fix cuz once a Lego-maniac, always a Lego-maniac.


Gerritnow said...

Hey, I love your photos..they are really nice...

Keetha said...

I made a post specially for you over at my blog.


NanAZ said...

I just LOVE your Lego Christmas pieces! If you see them again, let me know and I'll go buy some.

I finally got my computer to work in posting comments again. It was driving me crazy that I wanted to say something but couldn't put my 2 cents in.

I've missed you! See you on Sunday, bright and early!

Skerrib said...

Legos are the best! I had no idea they had Lego advent calendars...definitely going on my list for after-Christmas shopping!!