Friday, January 30, 2009

Mmm, what's new?

Well, the Arizona Cardinals are playing in the biggest game of the year... THE SUPER BOWL!!!
Normally I visit with my friends during the actual game and then when they go to commercial, I am glued to the set! I mean come on, admit it, you do the same. But, not this year. I'll be watching the game AND the commercials AND the half-time show. Mmmm, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Ya, when do I visit the ladies room? Well, I can't think about that now.

Anyway, the women that shared at the Women's Retreat last weekend are online! Some of you have mentioned that you'd like to hear what I shared... so you can do that by going HERE and clicking on Linda Thompson. (Oh, and that is my friend Chris that starts out by introducing me)

AND it happened again. Went to my little thrift store and found FOUR MORE vintage gingham aprons. Can you believe it! They're stunning! Clic the pic to enlarge and you'll see for yourself. As always, they were only 98 cents each!
I really and truly believe that I rescue them. Remember my story HERE, where I mention that I am keeping the collection together, thinking that maybe one sweet little lady made them all. Cuz I don't think I even get to that little thrift store but maybe every other week. And sure enough, there they are, waiting for me to rescue them. They're like a family of gingham aprons and I keep adopting them so they can stay together. Hey, you laugh... but it's what we do.


Keetha said...

I actually watch the games and speed through the commercials. But then, I'm a crazy football fan.

Kelly said...

These are so pretty! I have been reading your blog for about eight months now and wanted you to know how much I like it! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Skerrib said...

We have a little cafe here that I've only seen from the outside...but I could've sworn I saw gingham aprons hanging on the walls. I'll have to do some re-con and keep you posted.