Wednesday, January 07, 2009

she's on her way

And I am so peaceful. Really, you guys, I truly am.
OK, so I am going to miss her terribly, but her leaving feels so right.

This morning I woke up and a miracle happened. I was excited. I was not sad. I was not fearful. Or anxious. I was excited for my daughter and the adventure that awaits her! But I'll be honest, I wasn't sure I would feel this way. But then I was reminded of what happened when Miranda was moving out, on her own, into her first apartment a couple years ago. I was anxious about her living alone. How would we know she got in her apartment safely every night? I was sick at the thought that she would be so alone, so vulnerable. Then, a miracle happened. The day that Miranda asked me come see the apartment, I walked in and was instantly flooded with peace. I am serious you guys. I was giddy happy! No fear. From that moment on, I never worried. I never checked on her to see if she made it home safely. I never lost a minute of sleep worrying about her. Ever. That is a miracle. That is so not me! You see, I was choosing to trust God with my daughter.

Well, that is what happened this morning. I woke up and all my fears and anxieties were gone and replaced with excitement. Anticipation. Joy. Once again I was choosing to trust God with my precious daughter. And word has it that He loves and adores my daughter more than I ever could anyway. So, what did I have to lose? Exactly, because I had everything to gain! His peace. His perspective. His joy.

And that is my prayer for Miranda. That she keeps her eyes on Him. That she wakes up everyday, aware that He has her back. That everything is from Him. He allows it all. The good and the not so good. That He works all things for good. That He is a good God that sees the big picture and has it all under control.
I am praying that Miranda will surrender her plans for His plans. That she will let Him do His work in and though her. That she doesn't get in the way of all that He has planned for her in these next 7 months.

But I know me. I know I will have to choose every morning to trust the Lord with my daughter. That fears will creep in and overtake me and I will once again have to choose to believe by faith that God is doing His work and I can trust Him with her.

So, she's on her way to Minneapolis as I type these words and then on to London. If you think of it, please pray that she makes her connecting flights and she arrives in London as planned, along with ALL her luggage. Is that too much to ask... that her luggage actually arrives WITH her!? Oh and btw, one piece was just under 50 # and the other just under 70 #! Ya, not good... but thank God we only had to pay extra for one overweight piece. Cuz if that piece had been over 70 #, the overweight charges would have tripled! Yikes!

And because of the wonders of technology, we can stay connected through emails, her Facebook, her BLOG and SKYPE. How cool is that!

*** Oh my gosh, while linking Miranda's blog, I discovered that she had posted from her gate at the airport just after we had said our goodbyes through lots of tears and hugs at the security check. You have to go read it! She's so amazing!

Miranda, you are truly the most courageous woman I know and I love you sooo much!!


Skerrib said...

You are a fantastic and supportive mom.

Heidi said...

What a blessing for both of you. :) I am just thrilled for her, for the experiences she is going to have and the memories she will make and the people she'll meet. I am now 10 years on from my Study Abroad to London and I still count it as probably the 3 most fun months of my life to date! :)

Blessings to you too, Linda--as you watch her spread her wings and follow her heart!

NanAZ said...

How exciting! I found out this week that our friend Michael Hall goes to London almost every year, because it's his FAVORITE PLACE in all the world! He likes to go to plays and such.

I'm so thrilled for Miranda and can't wait to hear how things go.

Love to decorate said...

What a great family. I enjoyed reading your's and your daughters experiences