Thursday, January 15, 2009

snowflake goodie bags

Like I said, I was into snowflakes this Christmas. So when I saw these aqua felt snowflake bags in the dollar section at Target I went a little crazy. My little gift idea was made even more complete when I found that Lindt had introduced a Limited Edition white chocolate truffle in the perfect holiday packaging. Life is good.
Then I remembered I had bought a snowflake stamp that I had never used. Do you know that stamping works so much better when you use paint rather than ink? Thanks to Amy for that helpful hint.

I know, I know, Christmas is over, but I found these pics that I had never posted, and thought maybe you'd like to see my little gift idea.
Btw, went to Target several days after Christmas and got me some more at 75% off. The perfect little gift bag for next Christmas... umm, for those that didn't get the bag this year. I do keep track you know.


Keetha said...

I think those are really adorable. Hey - - - they don't have anything blatantly Christmassy on them, you could use them for little winter gifts for any reason.

Have you noticed lately what the temperature is like up in our beloved Northwoods these days???? Brings back arctic childhood memories!!!

Zoey said...

Those are adorable little gifts. How lucky that you found the perfect matching candies to fill the bag.

Love to decorate said...

very cute idea. I love that you found matching candy.

Marge in Mich

Jan said...

Well aren't those just precious! How clever of you!

NanAZ said...

These are very cute and in your favorite color too!