Monday, January 05, 2009

what's a Mom to do...

when she's coping with lots of changes?

~ she goes shopping-
love the 90% off clearance racks at Kohl's. Got a $44.00 top for $4.40 and an $18.00 necklace for $1.80!! Love, love, love a smokin deal!

~ she organizes her daughter's stuff-
cuz I keep finding things that I could always borrow while she is gone. Like lots of Pampered Chef. She sold it for a short while. I'll for sure be keeping her mini-cupcake baking pan plenty busy.

~ she loses herself in dozens of blogs-
love THIS gals blog. She's in her 20's and wise beyond her years and blesses me like no other.

~ she watches TNT movies-
watched Monster-in-law (for the 1st time) and The Wedding Date (for the dozenth time) last night. Made me laugh and cry.

~ she eats-
candy and junk galore. But I did make me some Split Pea soup and that's healthy and yummy! So that's a good thing, right?

~ she goes thrifting-

the perfect little find always puts a little skip in my step. And to think this child-size apron was a mere fifty cents. Love the pink rick-rack.

~ she sorts through hundreds of holiday pics-
this being my newest fav of me & Em.


NanAZ said...

I need to make time to shop! I need some warm tops and want to get them before they're all gone off the shelves.

Please tell Miranda that we'll miss her big time!

Jan said...

Well haven't you been a busy one! And what fun things to find to do! Give Miranda big hugs from all of us! She's off to have a wonderful adventure and I for one cannot wait to hear all about it!

Natasha said...

First I have to say what a beautiful post this was. I could hear the, 'I am coping' through the lines!

Second, thanks for the link, I have been looking for her site for a while- I stumbled on it last summer but never saved it!