Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Emolyn's almost 1

She'll be a year old in 10 days. And when I look at her, she takes my breath away. Seriously, the other day, Shawn walked into the church office with her and I looked up from my computer and well, I about cried.

So, that got me thinking, whatever did Randy & I talk about before we became doting grandparents? I mean, sure, we talked about our dogs quite a bit. And we reminisced about when the kids were little and the funny things they did and said. And we dabbled in the occasional aches 'n pains associated with people our age.
Oh... but now we talk about our granddaughter. Now we talk about our last visit with her. We talk about the secret garden we are going to build for her in our backyard. We talk about the way it feels when she falls asleep in our arms. We talk about what she will look like with hair. We talk about her infectious smile... her darling dimples... her perfect, rosy lips.

Then we remember she's only a year old. She's yet to walk and talk... and go to the Zoo with her Grammy & Papaw yet! Man, we've got lots to talk about in the coming year. And I can hardly wait.


Angie in AZ said...

Linda, it is hard to believe a year has past since Emolyn was born! Wow, did that go fast! She melts my heart when I see her too! I have LOVED watching her grow this past year... all the blog posts by you, Nicole, or Shawn. She is such a doll and amazing little miracle. Ya' just want to eat her up!

Keetha said...

Yes she is adorable!

Nancy said...

Darling little girl -- love your description how she takes your breath away. Enjoy!

NanAZ said...

She is quite a cutie! We'd love to be on the babysitting rotation, but I'm sure there's a long list waiting for their turn.