Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday snippets

~ My live-in IT guy just installed the brand new Safari. Pretty dang cool!
~ I am helping coordinate a wedding for a friend this weekend. Love weddings!
~ I got my PASSPORT in the mail! It's official! England in April!
~ Go read the story about Gwyneth Paltrow and her Dad HERE. Made me cry.
~ These 85 degree temps are ridiculous! It's February, for crying out loud!
~ Speaking of warmer weather, I need to get in shape. Seriously.
~ Facebook is not helping my addictive tendencies one little bit.
~ Check out the sweetest video from the Sweetheart Dinner & Dancing event HERE. Thanks Sandi!
~ The oranges off our navel orange tree are the best they've ever been.
~ My Texas Mountain Laurel bush smells heavenly. Full-bloom pics to come.
~ My Lady Banks Rose is just starting to bloom. She's going to knock your socks off!
~ Oh, and my friend Ree, well, we're friends you know and I'm obsessed with her newly remodeled Lodge, especially her killer vegetable sink! And, I also just wanted to remind you that we're friends. That's all. (ok, on Facebook, but still)


Rhonda said...

I'm jealous!
I live in Texas, and my Texas Mountain Laurel looks exactly like it did when I bought it at the plant show 4 years ago----it's about 8 inches tall without a bloom in sight!

NanAZ said...

We have an orange tree buried in our back yard behind two grapefruit trees. It gets a little bit of fruit each year but nothing to speak of. My plan is to have the grapefruit trees removed (since we don't eat them anyway) then the orange tree will get more light and attention. I hope it works! I really love oranges.

Anonymous said...

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