Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

My Dad is 83 today. No matter how old my Dad gets, he'll always be my strong, hard-working Dad. He'll always seem capable of doing anything.

I always associate my Dad with his John Deere tractor... wearing his John Deere cap... working the land.

My Dad is slowing down now... but in our minds, he will forever embody perseverance, dedication, patriotism, devotion, dependability and strength of character. Cuz that's my Dad.

Happy Birthday Dad!


Eva said...

a beautiful post. your dad looks very handsome, strong and honest. what an age! i wish he is with you for many more good years. happy birthday!

your post did make me a bit sad, though. i have a grandfather, the only grandparent i knew, about your father's age. i know what you mean by "slowing down". i try to tell myself it is the natural thing to happen, but i find it hard all the same. he was always like a big strong oak tree to me.

kristen said...

This made me miss him! Hopefully we will be seeing him in june/september! What are your plans for all the weddings??

Oh and the reason my post aren't showing up is because I cheated and did them all in one day but dated them the day I should have done them.