Thursday, February 19, 2009

my bustier lamp

* I woke up this morning at 3:15... wide awake. Can't believe what I accomplished by 6 AM!
* I starched and ironed 70 white dinner napkins yesterday. Forgot how much I love to iron.
* Emolyn turns 1 on Sunday.
* My Dad turns 83 on Monday.
* I can't wait to see Randy's Mom at Emolyn's birthday party. I've missed her.
* I really enjoyed grocery shopping at 6 AM this morning.
* The Phoenix SUNS scored over 140 points... two games in a row... and won, of course.

* These pics have nothing to do with this post.
* But how much do you love my bustier lamp? (in the top pic) Click the pic to see the aqua blue sparkles.
* I can't wait to ride the brand new light rail around town.
* I'm hooked on "Biggest Loser", "The Bachelor" and "American Idol".
* I am sooo happy for my daughter.
* I love Facebook.
* and all of you that actually read my blog! Thank you.


Keetha said...

You're welcome - - - I actually read.

Bustier lamp!?!?


Jeannette's Blog said...

I LOVE "The Bachelor" and the "Biggest Loser"!! They are sooo addictive:)