Monday, February 02, 2009

this and that

~ THE best SUPER BOWL game ever! SOOO proud of our guys. THE most entertaining game from start to finish. From the slow start to the bitter end. Simply heartbreaking. We had the game. But lost it. Along with my voice.

~ THE best National Anthem ever sung! Jennifer Hudson blew me away! She made me cry.

~ The Pioneer Woman is my friend. OK, so she's my friend on Facebook. But still, she's my friend. And one day we're going to hang out. But till then, I don't mind occasionally dropping her name... you know, like "oh, you know my friend Ree, well she just posted the best recipe on her blog."

~ The dance classes at our church started back up and once again we were there. Sooo much fun. This week, the rumba and the swing. And can I just say, we're getting good. Darn good.

~ Found a brand new London Fog jacket at my little thrift store on Saturday. It was half off day. I had seen the jacket earlier in the week for $12.98. Gambled it would still be there on Saturday. Forgot about the sale till 2 PM. It was still there, only they had marked it down to $5.98, so I paid $2.98!! SOOO happy!

~ That coat will come in handy in April when Randy & I visit Miranda in England! YES! We're going to England! YEH!

~ Miranda is sick. So she's spending the day in bed on iMovie. You see, the premier of her next video blog is coming out soon. So stay tuned.

~ I wish I could be there to serve her a warm cup of tea at "elevensie". I wish I could pamper her with a protein smoothie to cool her throat. I wish I could... just be there.


Keetha said...

Yes - - - it was a GREAT game, but would have been even better if your boys would have won.

Actually, as far as games go, I did like last years game better - - - the Giants pulling out a victory right at the end and CRUSHING those old Patriots - - - that was a JOY!!!

Oh - - - and lets not forget about two years ago when my Colts won!!!! :-)

Nancy said...

Hi Linda,

Nice to meet you, too. I enjoyed looking through your blog. What a darling grandbaby you have!

The game certainly was great, but our hearts were a bit crushed at the end. However, the Cards showed the world they are legit. I agree with Keetha that the game last year held satisfaction in the Giants beating the Patriots. This year, though, the game was better than the commercials.

What a small world experience that you, Keetha, and I have Wisconsin and blog connections.

Skerrib said...

London Fog--rock on!!