Sunday, April 19, 2009


Our first day in London was a typical London drizzly day. Randy & I didn't mind in the least. But not the best of conditions for photography. But here I am on the tube, ready to snap away. Our first destination was St. Paul's Cathedral. Simply breathtaking! But as you can see, we got as far as the grand steps of the Cathedral when we found it was closed for Good Friday. We had a full day planned anyway so we just made plans to return another day.

Then we walked along the River Thames to the Tower of London. We spent over 3 hours at the Tower of London where we saw the Crown Jewels (stored there since 1303), the King Henry VIII Dressed to Kill Armory Tour (in honor of his 500th birthday), the Yeoman Warder Tour and where Anne Boleyn was beheaded and where other such violent acts were committed. Very cool stuff. Our Yeoman Warder tour guide Simon actually took a liking to me. But then a few days later at Hampton Court, King Henry VIII's Queen Catherine Parr took a liking to Randy and made him her Master of the Horses, so we're even. No hard feelings.
*** AMY just posted her Tower of London pics! They are sooo good! But then, she's a pro. Amy visited Miranda just days before we arrived. She has the best pics of our Yeoman Warder tour guide Simon. Yes, they had the same one. He's the best! Did I mention? He liked me.

I was in awe of the fact that I was in the midst of ruins that date back to the 13th Century! And Miranda, she's amazing! She knows the history of everything we saw. She's like Randy, retains everything she has ever heard. Unlike her Mom.

Check this out! I mean, what an honor to bestow on the Tower of London- Loo of the Year! And worthy of the honor, I might add.

Simon told us on our tour that all the Yeoman Warder's live at the Tower of London behind all the aqua blue doors. (he didn't call them aqua blue, I did) The Towers resident Doctor and Chaplain live behind these two doors. I went wild over all the colored doors throughout London... all throughout the United Kingdom for that matter! I'll be doing a post dedicated to all those colorful doors I took pictures of. Btw, I took over 1200 pics! And no, I won't bore you with them all. Just some.

We then went on to Trafalgar Square, the Portrait Gallery, Piccadilly Circus (like Times Square) and Leicester Square. The dark, dreary, drizzly weather did not make for many photo ops. But we loved our first day in London! Oh and Miranda introduced us to Minstels. Oh my gosh, the best candy ever! Thank God, only sold in the UK!
Then it was the tube back to Waterloo and the train back to Egham. And there at the Hub was our lost luggage!! We brought Peanut Butter MnM's and Almond MnM's for Miranda, for Easter! So, party time!


Lori said...

Linda, Do enjoy for both of us!! PLEASE!!! I long for the day to stand as you are beneath such historical areas! EEwwe, breakfast looked mush to bleak! Happy times, Lori

Amy T Schubert said...

i think those blue doors belong to the chaplain and doctor, actually ...

was it the same Simon that Miranda and I had? I think my Tower post is tomorrow....

Sara said...

Linda, I don't know that I've ever commented, but I read every post on bloglines. I don't know how I found you, but you remind me a little of my mom, who I miss terribly, who lives in Queen Creek. I actually just got to visit her over Easter.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know there is a wonderful Christian blogger from Denver that I read that will be moving to Phoenix for the next year. Thought you might be interested in her site.