Friday, May 08, 2009

Ireland- Day 1

OK, so before I get started on Ireland Day 1, you need to know a couple things.

* First of all, we got back from WICKED real late. And then we had to walk an extra 2-3 miles from the train station because they had already locked the gate to the back entrance of Royal Holloway.
* We had to get up at 5 AM... after only 4 hours of sleep.
* Took the bus to the RyanAir airport, only to find out they were going to charge us an additional 60 pounds, called an airport fee. That didn't sit well with me.
* Landed in Dublin and didn't have a clue how to get around.
* All to say... we were tired, grumpy, hungry and irritable... times that by 3 and you have a formula for disaster or a major melt-down.

So: we regrouped. Found: the right bus. Destination: downtown Dublin.

Needless to say, Dublin didn't have a chance. I was not in the right frame of mind to embrace it for what it was... to me, it was huge and crowded. I just wanted to get to our B&B in the country. But we had a few landmarks that we really wanted to see. So we pulled up our boot-straps and hit the pavement.

We did a little window shopping. These stately kilts caught my eye. Randy's, not so much.

Dublin castle is situated, smack dab in the middle of Dublin, surrounded by modern architecture. Quite the contrast. It was built in 1204 and various stages of construction were added throughout the years.

We sat in this beautiful Dublin castle park and Miranda called our B&B to find out how we would go about getting there. She talked to Irene and we had a plan.

We were thrilled to see St. Patrick's Cathedral! Beautiful gardens surround that structure that dates back to 1191. It is the largest church in Ireland.

While walking past another old church, this old brick arch was calling to me. And I'm thinking Randy could easily build me such a structure in our backyard. Right? Randy quips, NOT!

Our final Dublin destination... Guinness Storehouse. Talk about impressive! The tour was fascinating and informative. And this being the 250th Anniversary of Guinness made it extra special.

They take you through the entire process in perfecting a pint of Guinness. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. An Ireland must see!

Check out the seven floors Inside Guinness Storehouse! The step by step brewing process is truly... poetry in a pint!

I gotta tell you, I loved it. Unlike anything I had ever tasted before and likely ever will. They don't offer the Guinness Stout on tap, in these parts anywhere. That's what I've been told. (or is it the Guinness Draught? Now I'm confused) Anyway, it was 105 degrees yesterday and well, an ice cold pint would have been nice.

Cheers! (oh and I'm wearing my $2.00 clearance shirt from Target! But don't tell anyone.)


Lori said...

Oh Linda just when I swooning over England you went my next favorite country to visit, Ireland!! How wonderful the photos!! Thank you dear for helping me look forward to the dream to travel abroad by your wonderful shots! And boy could I use a cold one of those Guinness right now! Happy Mothers day dear friend! Love,Lori

NanAZ said...

Great stuff! Our pastor from So Cal got married in a kilt outfit like the ones in your picture and he was about as tall as Randy. He actually looked pretty cool in his wedding pics. I love the arch too. There's a red brick arch a few blocks away from here in someone's front yard that I've always been envious of. Maybe Randy can learn to do that instead of Home Depot when he retires from ODF. Of course, then he won't be able to pick up the bricks...oh's a nice thought anyway.

Sandy said...

I drank a whole pint of Guinness the 2nd night we were there was delic! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, Linda.

Happy Mother's Day!