Sunday, May 31, 2009

sewing & thrifting with Ginny

Take a look at Ginny's latest pin cushion creations! Two words. Precious & adorable. Mine is the precious one with the yellow candle and Miranda, yours is so adorable covered in sprinkled pearls. Wish you could see Nicole's! So cute. Thank you Ginny! The bottle cap cushion was made totally by hand. I adore the delicate detailing. Be sure to click the pic and see for yourself.

The Sewing Sisters intently sewing while sharing our hearts and handiwork. Very few things leave me this fulfilled. I would show you the completed thread catchers, but I can't find the pail of fine sand that I fill the cushions with. It's buried in the garage under all of Miranda's belongings when she moved home before leaving for England. Speaking of Miranda, she arrives back in London tomorrow night after a 16 day whirlwind trip throughout Europe. She'll finally be home for good in 3 weeks! I can't believe how much I've miss her.
Ok, so do you see my old plaid couch in the background? As you well know it was gone in a matter of hours. And I have not once missed the old fella. It was the ultimate dog hair magnet! Remember, we have two dogs.
For those of you that may want to see a completed thread catcher, click HERE.

Ever since we got our flat screen TV back in November, I have been on the lookout for something to hold our components. I could not believe the poorly made furniture out there that costs a small fortune... and crafted with very few pieces of solid wood. So, when Ginny & I saw this sofa table (pictured below) at my little thrift store, I took a double take. Every single inch of it is solid wood, with dove-tailed drawers and very, very heavy. But the glass top was broken. They wanted $80.00 for the sofa table and two matching end tables. I only wanted the table, so they told me to come back on Memorial Monday (half-off day) when they would break up the set and sell me the table, if it had not sold. Of course I was up for the gamble. Well, I totally forgot till 3 PM that Monday... but there it was... and only $10.00!! I even went back a couple days later and got one of the end tables ($12.00) because I could not believe how they looked after we treated the wood with Howard Feed-N-Wax wood preserver. Love this stuff. Totally transforming! Literally night and day! Gorgeous results!

Randy had plans to hide all the ugly cords, but I couldn't wait. When duty calls... photo ops and blogging take front & center. I'm not a perfectionist. But I can sure obsess about my next blog post.

Thought you might want to see how my living room looks without the plaid monster and with the addition of my two new pieces. Sooo pleased. Love how the pieces soften the room. I have always decorated with a mix of woods. I love that eclectic, textured look. Quite frankly, having the table with a matching end table is almost too matchy/matchy for me. Anyway, Randy ordered a glass top yesterday and 2 hours later we had ourselves a functioning table. The brown couch is Miranda's and will go when she moves out. And then I suppose I'll get a new one. After 30 years of marriage, it will be our very first new couch. Unless I cave and buy a used one. It could happen.

And my best deal! Well, Ginny & I came across this stunning lamp at another visit to my little thrift store. I was immediately intrigued, turned it over and there it was... a $189.95 Quoizel Tiffany Lamp price tag. Oh. my. gosh. And I paid $5.98! It is so solid and heavy. The lamp shade was rather dingy... so Ginny cleaned it up with sudsy Woolite, set it out in the sun... as good as new! I am wild about it! So perfect sitting on top of my Grandma Steinke's antique sewing machine. I'm one happy thrifter!


Keetha Broyles said...

Those pin cushions look good enough to EAT

NanAZ said...

Love the littlest pin cushion. The tables are beautiful and look great in the room! I've seen them in person. I could clean up those cords in the photo in Photoshop if you'd like. I'm not a betting person, but I would almost be willing to bet that you will NOT buy a new sofa. I can't imagine you spending the money when you think of all the deals you can find for the same price...we'll have to see. Your house always looks great! Very inviting and comfortable.

Jan said...

Oh Linda! First...the pin cushions are just adorable! I really need to learn to do that stuff! LOL!
Now on to the tables! What a deal! And that lamp! I am just gonna have to head down to Phoenix! Those deals would be worth the 3 hour drive! LOL!
I don't think Eric and I have EVER had a new sofa. I'm a "buy it used" kinda girl! LOL!
Take care!

Heidi said...

OH my gosh on that lamp find! SCORE! It's gorgeous!

Nicole T said...

I am in love with that lamp! The living room looks amazing! I love the square pillow on the couch, it totally matches the curtains!

Skerrib said...

I like the different woods too--the living room looks fantastic.