Thursday, August 13, 2009

things that bug me

~ new easy open caps that are NOT easy to open. This happens every time I'm wanting me some mayo. (click the pic to read the label)

~ small fonts. What would possess someone to even think that we enjoy reading their small font emails or blogs or web sites or ads or other such mailers. And yes, I can enlarge the font or put on my +200 readers... but still.

~ when the Fry's I have been shopping at for 15+ years remodels and the milk is the only item that is still in its rightful place.

~ the fact that companies still sew on tags with wired thread. OK, but it feels like wires poking into my back. Thank God for tagless clothes. I love you.

~ check writers. It wouldn't be so bad if you started writing the check WHILE your items are being rung up... but geez, get with the 21st century and use debit!

~ emptying the dishwasher. What's up with that? I actually like filling the dishwasher... but hate emptying it. I am seriously waiting for Tyler to wake up so he can empty the dishwasher so I can fill it.

~ that I still get nauseous after taking a multi-vitamin... even after I have eaten a ton.

~ gum snappers. My biggest pet peeve. GUM SNAPPERS drive me CRAZY! I have actually walked out of establishments because of an incessant gum snapper.

OK, now it's your turn. What's bugging you today?


brandi76 said...

Ok, I admit it, I am a gum snapper! I hate when people don't take their dirty plates to the sink.

bette said...

Having to check expiration dates on everything now at the grocery store no matter where you go, and my goodness the dates on milk..WOW I remember the good old fresh milk right from sweet old Bessie? :)

And I agree on the gum snapping, must be a nervous habit with people. Drives me nuts..

And thinking your fruit is fresh and tasty and you get it home and it is half rotten and NO flavor... Where do the restaurants get all of their wonderful fruits and vegetables ?

And of course people talking and texting on their phones while making turns onto the freeway, some even shaving and putting on makeup...:(

bette said...

Well I think I feel better now that I got that off of my mind and can now concentrate on the good things God has given me. :) Must learn to just be still and know these things are not important..

Judi said...

PARKING LOT ARCHITECTS! I have seriously been waiting for the opportunity to complain to the world about how disgruntled I am at a poor, innocent, just-doing-their-job group of people known as parking lot architects. I understand their intent - to slow traffic and thus keep us all safe - but I HATE having to crrrraaaawwwwl through a parking lot when the store I'm headed for is on the other end of the entrance. I grumble every time, at every dead end, every tight 90 degree turn, every weave around another row when all I want to do is JUST GO STRAIGHT! I grumble at this innocent people group who make my little journey a cumbersome, impatient, maze of frustration! There I've said it. Now maybe I won't have to post it on my own blog. But I probably will someday since I've been storing up such a post as yours myself. Thanks for the fun outlet, Linda!

Anonymous said...

Gum snappers, tags on the back of shirts, I even found one on the back of my bathing suit today it was rubbing my hip (grrr!) People who speed up to cut you off and then slow down, and people who think their cell phone is a cone of silence so we can't hear them.

Anonymous said...

people who list things that bug them on their blogs

kristen said...

Sorry brandi but I hate gum snappering to, not you just your gum!

Oh man this is a great one for me...ask my husband and he will tell you everything bugs me. I am pretty sensitive to noises so pretty much anyone eating can grate on my nerves if I am not eating.

And as of yesterday...picking up my kid from school is bugging me. Seriously disorganized and way to many cars.

I could go on and on but I may just do a post like this!

NanAZ said...

Hey Linda, I confess, I'm a closet gum snapper. Be sure to say something if I do it in your presence. Terry hates it too, so the only time I usually "chew" is in the car on my way home from work. I also hate to unload the dishwasher, although it definitely beats hand washing them. Nice that Terry often helps me, which makes it go so much faster.