Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween highlights

My husband loves to decorate for Halloween. Seriously, he transforms our front yard into an old cemetery using old rod iron fences with bones & skulls & headstones scattered about. Rather creepy but in a fun creepy way. The Trick or Treaters love it.

Such sweet, memorable moments from the Wine & Cheese Party Friday night. I love the people in these three pictures. And I have many more snapshots in my mind that make me smile. That's the thing, photos can only take you so far... and then you remember a funny story that someone shared or that first bite of warm pumpkin pie or feeling the love in the hugs from our hosts John & Suzi. Those can't be captured any other way but in your heart, mind and soul.

It's hard to believe we actually needed warm coats this past weekend. What a treat to wear cute scarves & sweaters once again. Love this time of year.

So I woke up Saturday morning and thought split peas soup. Yup, I had to make split peas soup for our Halloween supper... along with those buttered rosemary rolls featured on the Pioneer Woman's blog.

So I did. And they did not disappoint. I now call it my cast iron meal. Both were made using my real old cast iron skillet and dutch oven that were passed down to me many years ago. You do know, the older the better, especially if seasoned properly over it's lifetime. Anyway, the soup & rosemary rolls were the perfect compliment to each other. You gotta have yeast rolls to dip into thick peas soup and later to sop up that last lovin' spoonful. Mmm, mmm, good!

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NanAZ said...

The soup and rolls sounds AMAZING! Maybe we could do soups for our Home Group get together and everyone could come a little earlier for dinner. Let me know what you think.