Tuesday, November 24, 2009

thanks for health & humor

How cute is Emolyn & her Mommy walking to our little neighborhood park. But as we were heading out the door, Emolyn was quite perplexed as to why her Pop pop was underneath their van. Well, Randy and her Daddy were replacing the fuel pump. But that did not set well with this little girl. In fact hours later as we were leaving for my little thrift store, she looked under the van and hollered for her Pop pop & Daddy. Too cute.

Oh my goodness, the poinsettia, matching sweater & mickey mouse crocs... what can I say, I'm enchanted by this little one.

Miranda had a sweet birthday celebration. As we gathered around the table, I sat back and in my heart gave thanks for our good health and quick humor. I love that we can the find the humor in everything... even the flood is looking to give us years of laughter.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than bringing out all of Miranda's toys for Emolyn to play with. Heck, for me to play with! Emolyn loved flipping eggs & bacon in the little skillet. She has quite the imagination. It's like I'm watching Miranda all those years ago.


Nicole T said...

Im glad you appreciate all the time that goes in to coordinating her outfits!
Great pics!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh my goodness what a sweet little jewel. Does that poinsetta bow come in my size? :)