Monday, July 26, 2010

Cozy Cottage Camping

We ended up taking our cozy cottage travel trailer up north three times this month, after it sat in our driveway for 8 months. And we're having so much fun! Yesterday after church we quickly gathered our gear, our dog Koda and headed for the cool country.

It was 113 degrees when we left the Valley and when we arrived at the Rim above Payson, it was a cool 63 degrees! I know. Pure. Bliss.

By noon today, it was pouring rain. We spent the morning hiking and exploring the other camp sites, so we were more than ready to hunker down and relish the rain pelting down. Love that sound.

My husband's a pastor, so his day-off is Monday. Which makes for an easy 24 hour get-away. You see, most of the camp sites clear out by the time we arrive Sunday in the late afternoon, so we're more apt to snag a prime site. And when we head home on Monday, there is very little traffic coming down the mountain. And trust me, you don't want to get behind us. Yes, we've become that 'vehicle' you hate to get behind in a long line of weekend traffic. So coming back on a Monday is nice... for everyone :)

I love spending time with this guy.

Love looking down on the ever-changing cloud formations hovering over the expansive stand of Ponderosa pine at the edge of the Rim.

The stand stretching from Flagstaff along the Mogollon rim to the White Mountains is reportedly the largest continuous stand of Ponderosa Pine on the continent. (quote taken from THIS article)

When we finally left the Rim it was 59 degrees. Although we were dreading the heat, we felt refreshed, renewed and ready for whatever the week holds. Bring it on.

Click HERE to read the story about how we found our cozy cottage on wheels.


Laurie said...

beautiful! I have been to Flagstaff once, enroute to the Grand Canyon, oh I loved Flagstaff!!!! Sounds like you had a very pleasant get-away!

Laurie S.

NanAZ said...

We're ready to hit the high country one of these days soon, we hope.

Looks gorgeous!