Thursday, August 05, 2010

the significant 70's

I love the 70's.
Some of the most significant events of my life took place in the 70's. So, join me as I take a little trip down memory lane.

I was thrilled when my long-lost 4-H friend Cindy posted pics of the Jackson County Fair this past week on her Applestone Cottage blog. Cindy & I go way back and were reunited this past year when I came upon her blog. You can read about our reunion HERE.
4-H was such a huge part of my life growing up in Wisconsin. In fact I started sewing most of my clothes in the 70's and had my garments judged at the Jackson County Fair each summer. I can't begin to tell you how many shift dresses and dirndl skirts I made in the early 70's. That's me, the summer of 7th grade with a few of my fair entries... hoping for that prized blue ribbon.
A few years ago I did a post about Sewing in the 70's. I had Mrs. McGillicutty modeling my favorite sewing garments from the 70's. Yes, I saved everything. And yes, Mrs. McGillicutty is my dress form.

Fast-pitch softball was also a big deal in our farming community. If we weren't playing in a game, we were at the ball park watching a game. You could literally be at the ball park every single night. And when the York Rodeo came around each year, our girls softball team would pile on a truck for the annual York Rodeo Parade. That's me on the drivers side hood of the truck, next to my best friend Wendy. I played 2nd base. And the York Rodeo is this weekend and I'm going to miss it.

I loved my high school years and graduated in 1975. Our 35 year Class Reunion is in 2 weeks and I'm going to miss that too. Maybe that's why I'm all nostalgic about the 70's. We have a radio station here in Phoenix that plays 70's music every weekend. So, I hear a song and I instantly remember what I was wearing and who I was with. Does that ever happen to you? Imagine if you will... it's August 1970, I'm 13, at my 1st party, a dance in my friend Naomi's backyard screened-in porch and I'm wearing an orange knit shell with a brown & orange floral print skort I sewed just for the party. (remember skorts?) And I hear "Close To You" by the Carpenters for the 1st time and I am mesmerized. As long as I live, I will never forget how that song made me feel at that moment.
I recently heard "I Shot the Sheriff" (Clapton-1974) and was instantly transported back to Steven's Interstate, a little Cafe, Cheese & Gift House off I-94 in Hixton, Wisconsin. I was a waitress, it was my very 1st job and we're cleaning up after hours, dipping french fries in french dressing and dancing to "I Shot the Sheriff" on the jukebox.

Ok, so it's only fitting that the little travel trailer we found on Craig's List would be manufactured in 1976. I know, it's this 70's kick I'm on.

Other than becoming a Christian in 1973, my decision to move to Phoenix with my friend Linda in 1977 was the most life-changing. I have never felt more lead by God than any other time in my life. Here you have two farm girls from Wisconsin, with the same first and last name, with dreams of sharing Christ through their songs and well, things happened... miracles happened! You can read about our adventures on this post...

... and how I met my future husband in 1978 at Hand in Hand, a concert ministry where we were both performing at. I fell in love with his music that night... and later with him.

We were married August 25th, 1979...

... and went into full-time ministry after Randy graduated from Grand Canyon College a year later.

Wow, what a decade. The 70's were truly foundational in shaping me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I can look back now and clearly see how I was impacted by the choices I made in the 70's. And they continue to affect me to this very day.
Thanks for indulging me. I could have shared many more stories, but these were front and center. And so dear to my heart.
What 70's song instantly takes you back?


Lori said...

Brick house, Celebrate, Color my World. Love the 70's.

Anita said...

I just love this post!! I grew up in the 70s and I have very fond memories of the melmac orange plates we had and the green stove and fridge. There is so much music that takes me back, but I guess I would pick "I Go Crazy" by Paul Davis. I was in 8th grade in 77-78 and we had a "record player" that we played 78s on before homeroom. And the shoes...I just got a pair of Kork ease wedges this summer. My mom would never let me have any, and I found new ones on ebay. It's funny but a lot of the 70s colors are really back now...the orange/green, etc. Thanks for bringing up the memories!! We are in full time ministry also.

Anita said...

Forgot...I did 4H too!! Did the sewing too!!

Anita said...

You have to let me know which recipes you use from the Watkins book! I also make the whole wheat griddle cakes for the girls, and I made one of the chocolate cakes for my mom's Bday. I just saw your Pyrex post!!!!! I just got one of my grandmother's pink pyrex divided casseroles and I have been looking on ebay, but they go like crazy!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh golly Linda,
You and I did so many of the same things growing up I feel like you wrote about me! Oh the dirndl skirts and the baby doll dresses at the fair. And that restaurant in Hixton, now called Jeffries, is still an Interstate cafe!
Instead of me moving to AZ. my son did! The 70's were the best and it's so cool you have that 76 camper! What fun, great post~

Kathy said...

"I am the Happiest Girl in the Whole USA" ~Donna Fargo would be one. I loved the 70's and all the music and felt nostalgic just looking at your pics. Just found your blog today. Love it. Thanks for sharing. Kathy

CIELO said...

I truly enjoyed reading this post... it took me back to my "own" enchanted time of youth when I met my husband.... you and I share a lot of similarities in our stories.... we even got married on the same month--August! ;) it was lovely reading you!