Monday, September 27, 2010

random thoughts

  • fun date night with Shawn & Nicole @ Hamburger Works
  • they serve the best deep-fried zucchini on the planet.
  • how cool is the Texaco T... also for Thompson!
  • 106 degrees today. I am so done with summer.
  • loved the series premier of Hawaii Five-O
  • found out that one of the lead characters Scott Caan is James Caan's son. No wonder! 
  • I've always been a James Caan fan.
  • I'm so going to make these chalkboard tags.
  • what an ending to the Arizona Cardinals win yesterday.
  • I want to master the art of bread making. No Knead Bread was highly recommended.
  • although isn't kneading what it's all about?
  • a friend of ours made a video of Randy's song I Want To Know. Thanks so much Mitch!
  • you can watch it HERE on YouTube. 
  • oh, and vote for Kurt Warner on Dancing with the Stars tonight!


waddell crew said...

Linda, I love making homemade bread! There is nothing better than kneeding bread, its a good stress outlet. Cute pics! One of our favorite places is Hamburger Works too and you cant go there and not get the zuchinni!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

You are such a cute couple!
I love your random thoughts Linda.
No baby here yet. I am so ready and so is Katie!
I bet your sick of that hot weather, I know my son and dil are.
Come see my pumpkin post, you will probably recognize the area.

Anonymous said...

I've never watched Dancing with the Stars before and I'm not much of a dancing fan, but I'm recording it and fast forwarding through a lot of it just to see Kurt dance. He did so much better this week. I just think it's amazing that he even agreed to do it. He just doesn't seem like the type. He's fun to watch though.

Vivian said...

Good tip on the deep-fried zucchini! I will have to go there just for that.