Thursday, September 16, 2010


Raspberries are on sale this week for 99 cents! YEH!
Raspberries are my most favorite berry, so I just had to post my favorite raspberry pics. And raspberry red & aqua blue happen to be my favorite colors.
The above pic was taken in Wisconsin a couple years ago, at a roadside stand shortly after we crossed the Mississippi River between LaCrosse and Galesville.
We won't be driving back to WI this October, so I'm planning to blog and post pics from those autumn trips back to the farm. Just to get me through this season. It's still in the triple digits here in Phoenix, so humor me while I occasionally take trips down memory lane.
* Do you see who else is admiring the berries? Enlarge and look closely.

This picture is on my screen saver slideshow. So when Emolyn saw these vine-rippened raspberries this past weekend, she said to her Mimi "I want those! I like those!". So we'll be snacking on pints of these beauties when she spends the day with me tomorrow.

Oh the memories of picking raspberries & blackberries as a young girl. Painful memories I might add... but well worth the ripping and shredding of clothes. 
We'd seriously clothe every inch of our body... leaving no skin unclothed. 
Makes no sense to me why something so exquisite is clothed in such thorniness.
And PS- I happen to think the fly in that top pic is sorta cute.


Anita said...

Well, I LOVE them too! My girls love them also and we could keep on eating them forever I think! We are definitely connected somehow, lol!

Judi said...

I love raspberries! We've had fun here in Alaska picking wild ones here and there. No big harvest like the delicious ones in your photos but it's been fun.