Monday, October 04, 2010

Big Sister Emolyn

Tomorrow morning Emolyn will officially become Big Sister to her little Baby Sister
And yes, Emolyn thinks her name should be Baby Sister. Too cute. 

We could not be more thrilled to meet our 2nd granddaughter tomorrow morning at 7:30 am! 
Our prayers have been answered. Nicole carried the baby full-term. YES!
And today is my beautiful daughter-in-law Nicole's birthday!

Emolyn came 7 weeks early, weighing 2# 7oz. and practically perfect in every way. 
She was our little miracle baby. 
You can read more about her birth story here and here.

Emolyn knows her birth story well... that she was a little tiny baby when she was born. 
So she has been praying that her Baby Sister is BIG! 
Well, the other morning she woke up and said to her Mama "Where's my big, fat Baby Sister!"
I'm thinking the one who is going to seem incredibly big is... Big Sister Emolyn!


Kathy Grayczyk said...

I bet you are so excited! What a day, can't come fast enough. Emolyn does look big and healthy in the pictures. Looking forward to pictures of Emolyn with new,big baby sister

Deb said...

Yay! Please keep us posted...

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh Linda,
So exciting! Those are darling pics of Emolyn and she will seem so big tomorrow. I am loving this Grandma thing and can't wait to see pics of your new granddaughter too!
I wish we lived closer, they could be play buddies!
Hugs and I will check back tomorrow,

Skerrib said...

Hahahaha--big, fat Baby Sister! Love it.

Nicole T said...

these pictures are amazing, and I love the band-aid! Its nice to have this big fat baby home!

Anonymous said...

Precious pics of Emolyn! I love her fashion statements.