Thursday, October 07, 2010

Elsie's birth story

This was our first glimpse 
Elsie Lane
born October 5th, 2010
6# 5 oz.
Elsie means-
one who is devoted to God.

(named after Nicole's grandma)

This was our first glimpse of
Emolyn Kate
born February 22, 2008
2# 7oz. 
Emolyn means-
hardworking, laborious.

(named after Shawn's grandma)

I just had to post these two images together. 
I couldn't believe how similar they were,  
yet how different their beginnings were.
But they were both healthy.
And that's all that really matters.

Shawn & Nicole's friends & family gathered together at 7am 
for lots of loving & laughter & prayers. 
And yes, even Nicole's amazing Doctor prayed with us. 
The reason he's not in this picture is because 
he grabbed my camera as he was leaving 
and captured this memorable moment.

And that same wonderful DR came into the nursery while Elsie was being checked out, 
and held her up for us all to see! 
I love these two images of our little baby doll.
Could she be any sweeter!

Oh and looky here, she's smiling at her Mimi!

Ok, I'm actually crying as I type this...
then Emolyn arrived.. and I'm telling you, it was sacred. 
You could hear a pin drop. We all kinda held our breath. 

And then Emolyn said ever so softly "that's baby sister... she's so tiny". 

She didn't know it yet... 
but she had just met her bestest friend in the whole world.

"Oh Mama, can I hold her now?"

Emolyn is the most nurturing, loving, tenderhearted little girl.
She kept whispering "it's ok baby sister... I'm here now."

Is there a better feeling... than a newborn baby in your arms. 
She is so soft & warm & cuddly.
But watching Emolyn softly kissing Elsie's little fingers...
well, I was a mess.

Their first family photo!
Congratulations Shawn & Nicole!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh Linda!
I am so happy for you! The pics are just wonderful and that baby girl looks so wide awake, just like she was coming out to say hello!
I love those pics with her big Sis! They are so very precious!
Oh, don't you wish we lived closer!
Our granddaughters could be great play buddies!
Congrats again girlfriend!

Heidi said...

Linda, what a beautiful, beautiful little girl God has blessed your family with! She is just precious and must be special little spirit to be sent to such a wonderful family as you have. I'm so very happy for you! :)

Kathy L. said...

Congratulations to your whole family! So happy for all of you! God is so fantastic, isn't he?

Laurie said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful set of granddaughters you have! And a lovely family. Enjoy!

Laurie S.

Rachel said...

Congratulations!So precious!