Monday, December 13, 2010

my December birthday

Yup, that's me!
Do you have a December birthday?
Aww, I'm so sorry.
I've actually thought about starting a support group for those born in December.
Ok, I'm being funny... but sort of serious too.
Because as you know, it's a crazy, busy time to fit in a birthday celebration.
But I am so grateful that my family takes the time to lavish me with such loving, thoughtful gestures.
Thank you!

My brother Gary & me.
December 13th was always the last week of school before Christmas break while growing up.
And I always brought decorated cut-out Christmas cookies for my birthday treat.
And they were always enthusiastically received. Everyone loved that I had a December birthday!
I remember opening either a dress, or a sweater, tights, or shoes... 
to wear to the various Christmas programs coming up. And I remember them all fondly.
But do you know that I have never given my kids clothes for birthday or Christmas.
Too practical. (and that coming from a very practical me!)
But one Christmas, in 1990, our 8 year old Shawn asked for Air Jordan V's.
They had come out earlier that year and Shawn was crazy about them.
He wanted them in the worst way...
and I remember trying my darnedest to talk him out of asking for those shoes.
"You don't want shoes for Christmas!"
But to Shawn that gift was the most impractical, luxuriously decadent gift 
he could have ever imagined getting.
And when he opened that box of shoes that year...
well, it still makes me cry, after all these years.
And also makes me kinda sad that I would impose my past onto my kids.
But thankfully, by the grace of God, they're great kids.
And really and truly our best teachers.
In which I again say, Thank you!


Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Linda, I'm coming over to you from Applestone Cottage--I always visit other Lindas--is that strange? Happy Birthday to you!!!! I always thought that a December birthday would be hard. Mine is near Halloween and growing up I resented the Halloween theme items and parties around that time! And I am laughing about the clothes! My son (freshman in college this year) said to me when I asked what he would like from "Santa" this year, "Not clothes!!!" Linda

Anita said...

My Miranda was due Dec. 25 but came on Dec. 8. My niece was also due Dec. 25 and came Dec. 15, so we have two in December! I'm telling you we have too much in common, lol! About shoes, I always got school shoes for my Bday August 31. Maybe that's why I'm so crazy for shoes! I could not wait for them!! We got more snow last night and now temps are back up to about 18:-( I'm just praying our heat pump doesn't quit and that we can pay the electric bill!!

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh Linda, I do, I DO have a Dec. birthday - - - the 30th.

And besides that, I had that EXACT SAME HAIRDO when I was that same age! I think MOST of us did - - -

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Just got done spending the day with our granddaughter. She is 5 today! We went to Build a Bear! Then we went to lunch and gave her mommy, our daughter, her birthday gift....Dec 24! I hate that it gets so rushed, but I do the best I can making sure they get separate gifts and dinner....Happy Birthday my friend!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Happy Birthday Linda!!
You were such a cutie!
I love seeing these old pics and of course your story is so sweet too!
I might be coming to AZ. next month and I hope I can see you then!

jojo said...

We have the 10th, 12th and the 25th wrapped up over here!
Happy, happy to you!