Saturday, February 12, 2011

dancing in the aisles

I want to respond to some of you that share my penchant for dancing in the aisles of grocery stores. I seriously can't not dance when good music is playing. And think about it, grocery execs aren't stupid. When shoppers are happy they buy more. And good dance music makes me happy and all celebratory... so I am more likely to buy foods that make me even happier.

And it's not just grocery stores. My favorite little thrift store (that I frequent often) plays a station that makes me so happy that I dance and harmonize to every song. The other day Boston's "Oh What a Feeling" came on and it took everything in me not to break out my air guitar during those awesome killer guitar riffs! And the few times I've been there and they're playing a station that's not to my liking, I have to leave. I am so irritated that I can't stay there for one more minute. Just so you know, only one genre of music would make me do that. Rap.

Speaking of irritating music. Have you noticed the loud background music in restaurants? I love BJ's Restaurant & Brewery, but we've stopped going there because the music is so loud we could hardly hear each other. And when I complained, they physically could not turn it down. It's programed to be that loud and stay that loud. So we've never been back.
Wanna know my theory? The music is loud so people don't stay long. They want a fast turn over of patrons so they can make more money. It's always about the almighty dollar, isn't it...

So where was I going with all this? Oh ya.

I need to tell you something. And it could possibly freak you out. It did me.
My youngest son Tyler, is a security guard at Target. In fact he was recently promoted to actually apprehending people, rather than just calling the police when someone steals something. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud and all... I really am... but I'm also a little weirded out by the fact that he's just putting himself in more danger.

Anyway, that's not what I wanted to tell you.

Are you aware of what goes on while you're dancing in the aisles... while you're shopping in the aisles of your favorite grocery store, Target or Walmart?
Someone is watching you.
Ok, let me put it another way, someone is laughing at you!
Or in my case, someone is yelling to someone else in the camera room "Hey Earl, she's back. It's that lady that dances in the aisles!"

Even though I sorta knew that was a possibility, I just never let it sink in. And now that I'm aware of the cameras... and even glanced at a few a time or two... I will not, I repeat, will not let it change what happens to me when a good song comes on. So THERE all your security camera people! You don't intimidate me one iota. (omg, that's an actual word!)

Oh, and has this ever happened to you? You're driving along, singing at the top of your lungs and you stop at a stop light and as the light turns green you notice another driver across from you ~ is belting out the very words that you're belting out... perfectly in sync to the very song you are singing off the very same radio station!!! 
Yes, happened to me.
What are the chances!


Angie in AZ said...

Now I'm paranoid. Thanks Linda! LOL! Does Tyler work at Target on 10th Ave? I thought I saw him the other day but wasn't sure and I was in such a hurry running late to get to work, I didn't take time to really "look" and go say something! Now I'll look when I go back. And make sure I"m on my best behavior! LOL!

Dianna said...

Two comments about this: Our local grocery store (a chain) used to play the oldies, which I loved. I'd walk down the aisles, singing along - then they switched to modern stuff. Not rap (thankfully or I WOULD boycott them), but the music where the artist makes 5 syllables out of each one). But our local thrift shop still plays oldies. YAY!
2nd comment - one day we were in Lowe's with my son. My husband started dancing in the aisle, and my son said (as if he were on the loudspeaker) "Would the man in Aisle 7 PLEASE stop trying to dance?" It was SOOO funny!


Linda Larson Schlitz said...

You havt to put this stuff in a book Lin! You are the next Irma Bombeck!! Love it!