Sunday, February 27, 2011

these are a few...

... of my favorite things.

~ My green tool box that I recently relocated from outdoors to my kitchen table ~
Not sure what I'm going to fill it with. Any ideas?

~ My plate rack that I found for a dollar last weekend ~
It's suppose to hold saucer-size plates... but I prefer the seed packets I bought in England.

~ My collection of coat buttons and vintage sewing gadgets ~
I love my twine/scissor holder from The Willows in Phoenix.

~ A bowl full of texture, color and design ~

~ Fire King mugs ~

~ The number 3 ~
3 boys & 3 girls in my family. I gave birth to 3 kids. I just like the #3.

~ Vintage croquet balls and rake heads ~
I keep finding rake heads for next to nothing, with plans to repurpose into these.
Tell me about a few of your favorite things!
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Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Ok girlfriend...get some old mason jars....put water in them and fresh cut flowers!! I think that would be yummy!!

Dianna said...

Love the photos of some of your favorite things! One day I hope to post some photos from our home.

My favorite things? Old quilts, baskets, anything old made of oak....

Thanks for sharing!


Karen said...

Love the tool box. Evidently you have access to some really great baskets. I would find a couple that would fit inside the tool box, the add a few vintage pieces of silverware in one and then napkins in the other. Maybe you can find some tall salt and pepper shakers (mismatched might be cute). I would also find a really torn up block print table cloth and cut a piece out the size of a bandana and then tight a knot around the handle. So cool that you have the tool box. It's a great piece of memorabilia!
Ladybug Creek

jojo said...

some of your favorite things are mine as well, throw in a few blue mason jars and some tiny silver vases for bling and I'm done!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh Linda,
this is such a good post! So many thrifty, wonderful finds!
I would love some of those old croquet balls and I love your seed packet/plate rack too!
Your so creative!
Wish I was out there to go thrifting with you!

Apryl said...

Linda- my grandmother had a rocking chair like yours. Hers has green fabric on it. It still has all of her old thread and pins and buttons. Including a single puzzle pieve she hid from my grandfather when she was mad at him.. in the little drawer. It was the only thing of hers I desperately wanted... my aunt had to get it back from someone to give it to me... do glad she did.

Blue Ridge Altered Art said...

Love the old tool box. I would put old bottles in it with flowers. You really have nice collections. I especially like your sewing items. ~~Sherry~~

raggygirlvintage said...

Wow you have some great stuff, really love all your vintage sewing accessories. Definitely flowers for the tool box, maybe freesias cut short in glass jars for spring!