Monday, March 28, 2011


Thanks for your prayers. The weekend went so well.
You know how it is, you don't have to be but an hour out of town 
and you can already look back and clearly see things I couldn't see while I was back there.

Throughout the weekend I had several epiphanies... light bulb moments... 
where the Lord clearly opened the eyes of my heart and I felt His renewed hope.

This is the marriage retreat teaching team
and I can't believe I get to do life with these dear friends.

It was 32 degrees when we woke up Sunday morning... 

but there were clusters of daffodils all along the creek.

Now excuse me while I go outside and take photos of my hollyhocks and Lady Banks Rose.
YES! They're blooming beautifully!!

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Dianna said...

I thought about you this weekend. Glad everything went well.
Beautiful photos of the daffodils. We had spring weather here for a couple of days - now it's winter again!