Tuesday, March 01, 2011

quirks & quibbles

Now & then I plan to post quirks & quibbles that give you a sneak peak into my little brain. I have ADD/OCD tendencies... but then you knew that right? Ok then, here goes.

  • I prefer lowercase over uppercase.
  • I'm especially fond of lowercase e.
  • emolyn & elsie vs. Emolyn & Elsie.
  • I rest my case.
  • remember my fixation with ampersands?
  • a word I never knew existed till I blogged about it in 2006.
  • gum-chewers sorta bug me.
  • my favorite little thrift store is closing in April.
  • I'm a little verklempt... so talk amongst yourselves.
  • heck, I'm alot verklempt! I need to vent.
  • I did not see one movie up for an Oscar. but watched the show anyway.
  • three hours I will never get back.
  • seriously, I love awards shows. Just wish I had seen one movie.
  • but I don't do movie theaters. 
  • hyper-sensitive to anything in my peripheral vision that moves or makes a sound.
  • and lastly- my latest quibble... in the middle of talking to someone, that someone will let another person just come right between us and they will start chatting with one another.
  • I know, how rude.
  • that someone... is a text.

were covered in snow when we woke up Sunday morning.
Clic each pic to enlarge and see for yourself.
Took these images on the 101 heading north in Scottsdale, hanging out the window, going 70 mph.
This happens maybe once a year. And makes me crazy happy to see snow from Phoenix!


Dianna said...

Loved reading more about you!!

I laughed when I read the part about hanging out the window at 70 mph. I did that last month when we went to Michigan!


Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Snow is pretty, but honestly, I am done with the cold weather!

Amy T Schubert said...

the only Oscar movie I've seen is Toy Story 3 ....
and Alice in Wonderland

The 2 that are out on DVD already :)

you will LOVE Toy Story 3. See it. You'll bawl

brandi76 said...

rent toy story, it's good!