Monday, May 23, 2011

my Sleeping Beauty

Emolyn loves to pretend. And I love to pretend. So that's what we do every Thursday.
Emolyn fluctuates between wife and princess. She shares in great detail about her 'husband' and her 'kids'... and she will correct me if I make an assumption that she is a wife when she is really a Princess. 

Her 'husband' works at 'donation', which is located near the 'Zoo'. She loves to talk about her 'wedding'... and is clear to point out that when she is a 'woman' she will wear a 'white dress and fancy shoes' to her wedding... but she is 'just a little girl', so she wore a 'blue dress and fancy shoes' to her wedding. Her and her 'husband have four children'... and they go shopping a lot. 

I found Emolyn's Sleeping Beauty gown at my 'new' favorite little thrift store. Ok, it was always my 2nd favorite... but now that my favorite little thrift store is no more... my 2nd favorite is now my new favorite.   Whew, hope that makes sense. Anyway, found the gown at the ARC of Tempe for $1.75. As you can see, she was a Princess in every sense of the word. 

This is a conversation Emolyn had with her Aunt Miranda while watching Sleeping Beauty for the first time ~

Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip are descending down the stairs at the end of the movie ~

Emolyn:  Oh no Aunt Mawanna!
Miranda:  What?
Emolyn:  Oh no... they got married!
Miranda:  I know, they love each other.
Emolyn:  (more distressed) OH NO!
Miranda:  Do you not want to get married Emolyn?
Emolyn:  (even more distressed) NO! I just want to stay at home!

Hahaha! She melts me and brings such joy and laughter to my life.


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

She is so cute Linda and you are such a fun Grandma! Love your deals girlfriend!
And I look forward to seeing you in June even if it is just for a short time. The only day I am busy is the 4th for my nephews graduation party. Otherwise I am open!!
Do you have my phone number? E-mail me if you need it. I have a different cell phone number too.

Anonymous said...

How sweet is this post?! I'd say she's one lucky little princess/wife with a Grandma who knows how to have fun! (And enjoy having a granddaughter to pretend with!)