Monday, August 01, 2011

Columbines & pantry rooms

We took our cozy cottage up north three times last July. And these were some of the images I captured while camping in the Christopher Creek, AZ area.  These flowers grow wild everywhere and they are breathtaking. (these came straight from my camera, no photoshop)  Columbines comes in a variety of colors ~ red, yellow, white, pink, blue and purple. The blue Columbines (below) happen to be Colorado's State flower.

So, I'm sitting here on a Sunday night, waiting for yet another dust storm. We have had our fill of dusty, dirty, dust storms this summer... which makes for quite the clean up. Thank God we don't have a pool.

Don't know if I told you, but we worked all last weekend reorganizing the garage. We not only have our van parked in the garage... but we filled it with stuff we no longer wanted and hauled it away. Feels so good... especially with this dust storm rolling in... knowing our van is tucked in for the night.

Did you see the season premier of Project Runway Thursday night? Oh my gosh, I sew want to repurpose something. Hey, if they can repurpose a sheet and whatever they wore to bed... umm, seriously. But I love the show, even all the crazy challenges. And the colorful cast of characters have grabbed my attention already.

I tried to post a pic of what my pantry will look like... but strangely enough, if you clic the above paragraph you will see that pic. Don't know how that happened. Anyway, I actually found a similar "pantry" door on Craig's List. Can't wait to see it in my kitchen.

Speaking of pantries... check out my sister-in-law Carol's custom-built pantry room

The coolest pantry room ever! 

See what I mean! A colorful, functional, octagonal pantry room addition. 
And what you can't see is an upright freezer and a 2nd refrigerator! 
Just the coolest ever!

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Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

That really is the coolest and cutest pantry ever!
She is really talented!
Love the flowers, great pics!
Still waiting for baby to arrive!