Monday, September 26, 2011

thoughtful images

My Dad was so proud of the Blue Spruce tree he planted many years ago.
He always pointed it out when showing us his beautifully landscaped acreage next to the farm in Wisconsin. Well, much to my surprise and delight, there was a forest full of naturally growing Blue Spruce at the North Rim! And of course I thought of my Dad.

I love texture... in decorating, in fashion... in nature.

We had no sooner heated up a can of chicken noodle soup on our Coleman stove...
when the rains came and we had a front row seat to the best views in camp.

Mmm, one of those apples doesn't seem to fit quite right :)

We got little sneak peeks of the fall colors yet to come.

I was reminded that the best part of a road trip,
is that the trip back gives you a totally different slant, a whole new perspective...
than what you had already observed.


Mel's Designs from the Cabin said... those photos and your took a wonderful trip which created terrific memories for you both....Mel

jojo said...

I've always love the blue spruce. So elegant so strong, so prickly! Glad you are taking it all in and enjoying every moment.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I love blue spruce too!
But I don't like them for Christmas trees because they are too prickly to decorate.
I love your pics Linda, they are stunning!

Anita said...

I have a blue spruce that I planted when we moved back here a few years ago!! I love them so much. Beautiful photos!! I wish we could take a trip out that direction. Thanks for stopping by--it's always great to see you! I'm always looking for something around here that I can bring back to life. SI love that connection to the past.