Wednesday, October 05, 2011

crowns, concerts & cardigans

Miss emolyn & Mimi
  • I recently ingested a permanent crown worth lots of $$ ~ the dental assistant accidentally dropped it in my mouth, panicked and froze. When I asked what happened ~ it slid down my throat. After a couple hours of Xrays at Urgent Care to ensure it would pass ~ I was given the option of a new one or "retrieving" the old one in a couple days. Umm, no thank you, I'll take a new one.
  • I'm all for recycling... but not something that has cycled through my body... if you know what I mean.
  • Btw, they didn't charge for another one, nor Urgent Care.
  • Randy & I leave for Wausau, Wisconsin on Friday to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Ranlin Homes with a benefit concert, dinner and Silent Auction. Ranlin Homes was named after Randy & I ~ so we're pretty excited to celebrate the success and expansion of this amazing ministry. 
  • My friend Linda & I will be singing, along with Randy, and also Linda & her daughter Heather.

  • Happy 1st Birthday to my granddaughter Elsie Lane! Omg, I love that bugabooski!
  • Randy & I are spending two days in Door County while in Wisconsin. The colors will be at their peak and I'll be savoring every single second.
  • The cooler weather will be a welcome change. 
  • We're talking cardigans, hats and scarves and JEANS! I can hardly wait!
  • Thanks to my high school friend Betsy's brother Peter, for giving me permission to use the image he captured last fall, for my latest blog banner. It's near where I grew up ~ in the Pigeon Falls area. I love it!
  • Celebrating Nicole's 30th Birthday ~ that's emolyn & elsie's Mommy!


MommaMindy said...

EEWWWW! I can't believe she dropped the crown....epic job failure!

Was it gold? It's over $1000 per ounce....might be worth retrieval, but not for your mouth. They shouldn't charge you for the FIRST crown, you should ask to get your money back. Seriously! Most people would sue...

Enjoy your travels wearing jeans...

Kathy said...

I'm from Michigan and my husband and I just spent a week in Fish Creek in Door County. Had a wonderful time even though we had lots of rain and a very bad windstorm. We love Door County, and Wisconsin is a very beautiful state and the people are wonderful! Enjoy your visit back home!