Saturday, October 01, 2011

finding my fashion style

Yes, I'm in pursuit of my fashion style ~ and I have Pinterest to thank.
You see, clothes and fashion magazines have never been my thing. I am more about the art of repurposing, creating, designing and sewing. I know what looks good on others and what doesn't. But when it comes to me, I don't put a whole lot of thought and effort in that area.

And like many, I've made the mistake of being more about the deal rather than the actual purchase. And even though it may not go with a single thing in my closet... or it may be a dreadful color that washes me out... or it may be trendy and therefore already out of style... or it may mean that I need to lose weight in order for it to fit properly... or it may hang in my closet for years because I never do...

but by golly, it was a good deal!

Then it occurred to me... all my good deals would probably end up costing the amount of a few classic pieces that could be worn a myriad of ways, for a real long time.
But I didn't get that, for a real long time...

... till Pinterest came into my life... and I discovered my daughter's fashion board... and then I discovered that nothing in my closet fit me anymore... and I'm thinking gee, maybe I ought to explore my fashion style. So while my daughter was in Australia for 18 days, I spent hours-on-end pinning away. I could hardly wait for Miranda to come home and scrutinize my fashion board. Hey, it helps that she knows me well and I totally trust her.

You see, the goal of pinning my fashion style is not to go out and purchase those items... it is so I have a clear understanding and awareness of what I really like and don't like. And let me tell you, it has made shopping so much easier. I don't waste hours looking for deals only... but rather those things that I like only. Now don't get me wrong, I still love a good deal and quite frankly, I'm finding I can have both... thus my newly acquired title... that I wear ever so proudly. I'm Linda Thompson and I'm a frugal fashionista.

True story... on my first shopping trip with my daughter, I splurged and paid retail for that gold cardigan sweater at Target. It wasn't on sale. It wasn't on clearance. I paid the full $19.99! I had only done that one other time that I can remember... a Liberty of London dress at Target, shortly after they released the line two years ago, which was shortly after we had visited our daughter in London. I paid a full $24.99!

Of course everything else I bought on that first shopping trip (pictured above) was on clearance. Like I said, the consummate frugal fashionista!

Anyway, for those that are curious, check out my finding my fashion style Pinterest board... or all my Pinterest boards for that matter. Happy pinning!


MommaMindy said...

Last year there was a group of women that vowed to NOT SHOP for one year, because they were addicted and spent too much money on clothing. They were on a shopping DIET, I decided I need to BINGE. I'd rather buy old dishes and toys than clothes. I make myself buy a few things every few minutes, instead of starving my closet. Your new clothes look adorable. Great choices.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Very cute choices Linda!
And I love how your a frugal fashionista too!
We are two peas in a pod that way, I just can't pay full price!
Hugs and how's the weather there?

Mel's Designs from the Cabin said...

before I lost my job 1 1/2 years ago..I shopped all the time for clothes...1 1/2 years later...I'm still enjoying all the great clothes I bought and I don't have to buy any more for quite some time....It's like some how I was stocking up on clothes,shoes and jewelry and didn't know what was ahead....I can binge for quite some time and it feels really good...I no longer feel the pressure to shop and I'm enjoying life a whole lot more...everyone ought to give it a try...Mel