Saturday, December 31, 2011

So long 2011

Today we will take down the last of Christmas and prepare for a brand new year. I always look forward to a new year, but never more so than this year. I'll be honest, 2011 was a hard year. Lots of changes, uncertainty, loss and sadness. But this much I know... one day I will look back on 2011 and thank God that He allowed it all to happen. But for now, it's daily choosing to trust God, die to self, letting go, trust God, be thankful, forgive and oh yes, trust God. 
I no sooner than published this post when I find this powerful quote on facebook ~ wow!

The decisions you're making today will impact your tomorrows. The way you respond to the interruptions you're facing now will have a bearing on the direction your life takes next. A year from now, a decade from now, a generation from now, you'll know whether or not you've walked with God in a faithful, trusting manner or whether you've left yourself wide open to doubt and bitterness and all the biting regrets of picking and choosing your obedience options. -Priscilla Shirer

So before I go changing my blog banner, I thought I'd give you one more Christmas post ~ the girl's visit the day after Christmas. What a treat to have them both here while their Mamma & Daddy went to a movie. Emolyn immediately had me set up the Fairy House. And that's always followed by armloads of 'pretend' firewood so she can build a 'pretend' fire in the tent. I think she saw that on Pocahontas or something.

And then for the first time, Elsie played dress-up, and let's just say, she didn't like it so much. 

So they eventually settled on a tea party with Pop pop. They love their Pop pop.

Before I sign off I wanted to share something that you might not have thought about ~ the importance of scanning old negatives and slides. I've sort of become a rescuer of old negatives and over the years I have uncovered pictures that no one remembers ever seeing before. I am sure it has to do with only ordering one set of prints. And if they gave that picture to someone, then many never saw the original image. 
It's a lot of work scanning old negatives and slides (for my husband), but so rewarding to discover a treasured photo that no one has seen before. In a way, it's like the thrill-of-the-hunt at a yard sale or a thrift store, you never know when you're about to rescue a piece of history. Only negatives cost you nothing. Just your time.
So the next time you're at a family gathering, spread the word ~ don't throw out old negatives or slides! Or better yet ~ they can throw them your way. Happy scanning. 
And Happy New Year!


Jill said...

Wishing you all of the very best for the New Year! I agree with your comment on preserving slides - my father took slides for years - and now they're mine! I got a digital scanner for Christmas - it's going to be a big project but now I'll be able to look at my childhood years whenever I want!

Deb said...

Onward and upward...

MommaMindy said...

Great advice, was just thinking about my old negatives the other day, but how do you do this? Do I need a special scanner? Do I need special software?

I also know that old printing was SO bad, they just estimated the roll and printed them all the same setting, so they could end up really dark or really light. Using the negatives could give you even better pictures.

Would love to know more about this.

I'm with you on the hard year thing. 2011 had challenges I never thought I'd have to face. It makes going into 2012 a little hard, knowing some of our trials are not resolved. I have to choose to walk by faith.

Blessings on your new year!

Laurie said...

Tell me how Randy scans the slides? I have been wanting to do this but am unsure of the best way.

My late fil took his to Walgreens and had them scanned and put on discs for us. Of course, he edited them down first! It is great to have them. I now possess most of their family photos, as well, and that is a daunting task to consider - going through all the pics and deciding what to keep.

Happy New Year!