Tuesday, February 07, 2012

lemons galore

Our home was built in 1979, the same year we were married.
But it was built a spec home ~ a house built on speculation that a buyer will be found.
Well it took 2 years for that buyer to come forth... a retired couple from the Navy, that we purchased the house from 13 years later in 1994.

They supposedly planted our citrus trees 30 years ago and we are forever grateful.
But the Fruit Cocktail Tree now only produces lemons.
The orange branch died several years ago... and the grapefruit branch died last year.

Yesterday morning I needed to pick a few lemons to make a pan of lemon bars for bible study in the morning... and noticed the lemons were still wet from the early morning sprinkler system.

And I couldn't pass up a lemon & water drops photo shoot!

And then just when I was about to go inside, because I had been shooting for over an hour 
and still in my jammies... 
these waterlogged citrus leaves caught my eye. And I was a goner.


Deb said...

Great pics!!

joanne said...

I've never heard of a fruit cocktail tree...how interesting! Lemons and water..beautiful pictures and lemonade too!