Wednesday, March 14, 2012

little elsie lane

Elsie Lane ~ 17 months old ~ Mar. 2012
Last Saturday we attended a wedding reception at our friends home in Waddell, Arizona. I remembered attending another wedding reception at their home exactly two years ago.
Well, you can imagine my surprise & delight when days later I realized I had captured similar photos of my two granddaughters at each of those events.

Emolyn Kate ~  24 months old ~ Feb. 2010
Of course Elsie wasn't even born two years ago when Emolyn's Grandma Beckie was married in 2010 and Emolyn was the little flowergirl. But it was fun to see Elsie holding a similar dandelion puff just like her big sister did two years earlier.

A lovely field of dandelion puffs make for little elsie photo ops.

So thankful for this little girl. Her and her sister are becoming great friends and will be such a help to their Mommy when the twins arrive in 6 weeks.

And speaking of the twins, Elsie loves to hug her baby brothers.

Elsie was forever wanting to sit next to the bubbling fountain and dip her hand in the water.

Doesn't she sorta look like Cindy Lou Who here?

Elsie gives the best hugs and the sweetest pats on the back ~ especially to her big sister Emolyn ~ whom she adores and calls Emma. Sometimes my heart bursts with such overwhelming love for these girls. How ever will I contain my love for their little brothers when I meet them soon!


Deb said...

I can't believe she's 17 months already and it's only 6 wks til the twins arrive! Time goes SO fast... Beautiful girls!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I can't believe she is 17 months old!! I remember her birth!!
Oh, she is going to be one busy mama!!

Nancy said...

So sweet!