Monday, March 19, 2012

Twins Baby Shower

The baby shower for the Thompson twins could not have been more special.
Let me break it down for you. 

Ok, so I thought I was a creative genius when a preschool Mom gave me a huge bag of boys clothes for the twins, and inside were several teeny tiny onesies. So I thought "gee, I'll make a banner for the baby shower with them." Well, a few days later I googled a few baby shower sites and saw that someone had stolen my idea. Oh but wait, she had no way of knowing I had thought of the idea first. ha! 

It was a beautiful day, although as soon as the shower was over my husband and I had to put it all away because of a huge winter storm coming. We have not had measurable rain in 90 days and wouldn't you know, I would host a backyard baby shower and have to tear everything down right away. ha!

See that flowered pump dispenser from the 70's ~
I've had it since our wedding in 1979. And it keeps coffee hotter than hot for days.
And of course my vintage Igloo cooler keeps lemonade colder than cold for days.

I had the menu all planned ~ egg salad sandwiches w/ fresh dill, Miranda's yummy cucs 'n spread on crackers, Beckie's fruit salad and my miniature lemon cupcakes. But I ended up adding this biscuit recipe along with homemade lemon curd, Costco's fruit spread and fresh whipping cream, that morning. I had never made lemon curd before, but this microwavable recipe is so quick and easy. 

After we ate, we all shared what we wrote out on 3x5 cards
~ what we know to be true about Nicole ~
how we see her, how God sees her, using Bible verses, a story, words of affirmation ~
encouraging her through those times when in her sleep deprivation, she can flip through the cards and remember what is true about her. I'm laminating each of the cards and putting them on an o-ring, so she can have it hanging handy in her bathroom, when she has a brief stolen moment to herself.

What a beautiful, sacred time of loving Nicole through lots of tears and laughter.

 Emolyn was so sensitive to her Mama needing occasional hugs throughout the morning. What a tenderhearted little girl. And that's my lovely daughter Miranda with the cute clothes and cute hairstyle. So thankful that Nicole has become the sister Miranda never had.

We ended our time together gathered around Nicole ~ praying for her and the health of her baby boys ~ that are due to be delivered in 6 weeks.
We prayed for her & Shawn, for Emolyn (4) & Elsie (1), for God's provision...
that they would continue to trust God with these precious little gifts.

I can't tell you how much it meant to have these women share such wisdom and truth in my backyard. We not only showered Nicole with our heartfelt words, but with diapers and gift cards as they enter a season full of changes. Soon they will be moving out of their home of several years. Pray with me as they trust God in the day-to-day ~ letting others come along side in meeting their many practical needs. Thanks so much. Means the world to me.


Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

What a beautiful time....I can't wait to see in that backyard myself!!

Elizabeth said...

A wonderful shower! Love the backyard and your vintage things!