Sunday, March 11, 2012

vintage galvanized goods

I have been drawn to galvanized, industrial and vintage gardening goods ~ 
for as long as I can remember.

Vintage garden sprinklers being among my favorite finds.

I recently found the yellow digger & red hoe. Paid a dollar for each.

Vintage clothes pins and pulleys are a visual guilty pleasure for sure.

More vintage lawn sprinklers and hose nozzles.

Ok, I gotta come clean... no seriously, I finally spent an entire day deep-cleaning my backyard gardening bench and storage sheds for the first time since last summers freaky haboobs. Trust me, this 56 second time-lapse YouTube video will shock you. 
I am not kidding, everything pictured on this post was covered in a thick layer of dirty, powdery dust. Even though I tried cleaning before, I learned the hard way that it can take weeks, if not months for that kind of dust storm to settle.
And the best part of cleaning? Finding favorite finds that I forgot I had found! 
Who knew I had four rake-heads ~ which I will proudly hang my vintage gardening tools on, once they are hung on my backyard wall. 
And my motivation for taking on such a dirty job? My daughter Miranda and I are hosting a Twins Baby Shower in my backyard for my daughter-in-law Nicole this Saturday morning. 
SO excited!

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Anita said...

Good grief, thatmstorm is amazing!! I did not know what a haboob was, lol!! LOVE all your tools!! We love the same things it seems, and you have an amazing collection.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

What a great collection Linda!
I love have a way with finding the neatest collections at a great price!
Twins baby shower? Oh how fun will that be!

joetterer said...

I must live under a rock, I had no idea of the sand storm! Amazing video.