Monday, April 02, 2012

Kitchen transformation

My kitchen transformation was completed two years old this month. And I love it every bit as much as I did when this photo was taken two years ago. And I've said it before and I will say it again, I love my barn lights! OH, you've not read my kitchen barn lights story? Click HERE.

This is what my kitchen looked like before the flood of '09. I loved my 1979 galley kitchen and had no plans of changing a thing. Ok, so maybe I had a secret longing to replace the counter top with solid surface so I could have an under-the-counter sink installed... but that's about it.
(take note of my pantry doors to the far right)

But thanks to the flood, we got way more than we ever dreamed. 
And the reason I am showing you my kitchen transformation again is for you to be aware of my pantry to the far right. We decided to forgo a new pantry during the kitchen remodel, with plans to take on that transformation ourselves one day. Well, that day finally arrived. Yes, it took two years for those plans to come to fruition. And I can hardly wait to show you!

As you can see here, once we decided to switch to flex tubing, we also decided to raise the ceiling ~ two decisions that made living with an exposed ceiling for two weeks worth the nightmare. Again take note of our outdated pantry to the right.

We also extended the back wall further to the left to give us more cabinet space.
And this is the farmhouse table that I found at Goodwill for $32.00. 
You can read about it HERE.

We finally painted the pantry doors to make them a little less conspicuous. 
Take note of the shelving in the cabinet to the left of the microwave. That cabinet came with wood shelving, but we had glass shelves on order so the light would filter down through the whole cabinet. We were thrilled to later use those wood shelves for our pantry, thus saving us some money.

Here you can see that cabinet with the glass shelving in place ~ perfect for displaying my Pyrex collection! And our memory-foam metal stools from Target are THE most comfortable stools ever!

THE BIG REVEAL ~ posted two years ago
and I can honestly say I wouldn't change a single thing. 

Ok, except for my pantry ~ because soon after we completed the kitchen remodel, I found my dream pantry door on Craig's List ~ with the word 'pantry' on the door.

That frosted 'pantry' door has been in my possession for two years and this week I will be revealing my long-awaited pantry transformation!

Do you want to see the inspiration for my pantry? I have had this on file for years. 

Here's the link to my pantry transformation. So awesome!


dee dee said...

Lovely kitchen! What a huge change from the start to the finish! And the true sign of a good remodel is that after two years... you still love it!
dee dee

Maggie said...

This is a very big change! Looks like a kitchen with lots of space and love the glass cabinets. Nice job!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I love your kitchen Linda and can't wait to see the pantry!
Those little twin boys must be do soon? Hope all is well and what an exciting time for you and your family too!

alex said...

Very well detailed post, thanks so much for sharing you pictures. The kitchen is beautiful.

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Complete Kitchen Remodel said...

What a beautiful transformation. It is so elegant, I love it!